Elephone S3 uni-body & bezel-less screen coming soon

Elephone S3 with bezel-less screen coming soon

Elephone  will have another phone to add to their growing lineup in the coming months, you can check out the new design in the images they have sent over of the new Elephone S3 handset.

Not much is currently know about the forthcoming Elephone S3 handset, but we can see a rear mounted finger print scanner and 2.5d bezel-less uni-body design.

The body appears to be a curved metal back to make the uni-body design appear slimmer at the edges and has a mix of brushed and polished chamfered edges.

The S3 will be available in a selection of three colours rose gold, gold and silver.

Elephone S3 coloursElephone S3 rearElephone S3 side screen

I will keep you updated when I receive more information on the handsets specifications.

If the S3 comes with a decent specification level that has the power to match the phones good looks at a reasonable price, it could be a great little handset.

Elephone just need to ensure that its release time will be quicker than that of the Vowney and the P9000, it would be a real shame to see the phones specifications become outdated before the handset hits the market.

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