FitBit Alta : The first customizable fitness tracker, from FitBit


Fitbit, one of the major players in the fitness and tracking industry has been making a lot of innovation in the industry for a long time now. They have been getting a lot of competition from companies like Xiaomi, Misfit, even Samsung which was very clear at CES this year. So, to respond to the competition Fitbit comes out with the new Fitbit Alta bracelet which can be customized as per your liking. Something similar to Motorola’s MotoMaker but not exactly.


One of the features that attract our attention to the new Fibit Alta is that it has automatic recognition of exercise or SmartTrack and is now able to know instantly what type of exercise you’re doing, you avoid having to be looking for it in the menu.

Also it keeps track of your daily activities, such as exercise you do or the amount of sleep you get. It also gives you warnings to move to try to motivate you enough for you to be more active throughout the day. Also, you can check the progress that you are having and sends various notifications to the screen. Like call, message, or app notifications.

With all of that Fitbit promises a 5-day battery, which seems to be pretty standard for all Fitbit trackers that the company has released.

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Customizing your FitBit Alta


In terms of design, it has a stainless steel finish and has a wide range of interchangeable straps so you can combine your Fitbit Alta with clothes you wear.

For a price of $40 USD you can choose the classic fitness bracelets in blue black, turquoise, plum and. For $80 USD you can buy Premium leather bracelets that are combined with stainless steel frames, and are available in graphite and light pink color options.

The bracelet will go on sale this April at a price of $150 USD . Fitbit will also be making a couple of special edition bands in Silver and Gold variants for Summer. The Silver bracelet will cost you $100 USD and the price of the gold variant is yet to be announced. Our guess would be around $120 – $150 USD.

As you see you will have many options to customize your Fitbit Alta. Which yes, is not exactly like MotoMaker, but is still giving you a lot of options that before, where you can only get three or four color options at best. That is ofcourse without resorting for third-party accessories.

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