Alex is a Wearable that aims to correct your posture


Many of us spend several hours a day working in front of a computer or tablet. This causes different neck and back problems that eventually can become chronic. To help solve this issue Alex is a wearable that aims to help you correct your posture.

Alex Corrects your posture through Vibration


Alex is placed on the upper back of the neck attached to the ears. It is made ??of silicone and the way it works is launching a slight vibration that serves to holders who realize they are having a bad posture too long and therefore must correct it. If their advice is not followed vibration will become more intense.

This device has Bluetooth so by an application is able to send real-time to our phone all data about our position.

Then the app form a graph that displays colors how we stand . If bad tone is red or orange, while if it is appropriate will be green.

Alex provides you with a weekly summary


But Alex is not here. We made ??a detailed study of our postural habits because it takes the record hours, daily and weekly by graphic posture we have had at all times , pinpointing the exact times we are in a good posture or when we are in a bad posture.

This information is intended to show whether we are doing things right to rectify otherwise not to damage our neck and back very badly over time.

Currently the creators of Alex are seeking funding from the public-fundraising platform Kickstarter to advance its project with good news as there is more than two weeks to finish the campaign have already exceeded $ 50,000 they needed to fully fund their project.

The Price according to the creators will be around $50, and will be made available once they have finished shipping units to their backers.

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