Xiaomi Mi 5 Announcement Date Possibly Leaked

Yesterday Xiaomi held a presentation meeting to finalize the venue of the upcoming conference leading to the launch of the Mi 5. Almost everything from the venue, to time and place, has been finalized.The venue is chosen as Beijing National Convention Center, 4th Floor, Datang A/B Hall.

Around 1000 guests are invited and alsoin the crowd will be 600 Media Persons, 400 other guests, and 400 Xiaomi’s staff members. The timing details have leaked which include conference attendance time from 12:30 to 14:00 CST (China Standard Time). The conference will last from 14:00 CST to 4:00 CST and then there will an hour of On-site experience time.


From all the above-mentioned figures we assume that it is going to be a grand event and Mi 5 may not be the only thing that couldbe unveiled on that day.We can expect Xiaomi to unveil some other products with the flagship smartphone. But what it could be is still a well-kept secret because the event is two hours long so it is expected that Xiaomi will be launching some other product as well.


In related news, latest information reveals that the Mi 5 will come in two editions, namely a standard variant and a premium variant. The standard edition will reportedly be priced around 2499 Yuan ($379)and will feature Snapdragon 820, 3GB RAM + 16GB storage, 16MP rear camera b OIS, and a 5.2-inch 1080p display. On the other hand, the premium edition will feature the same specs but increases memory combination to 4GB + 64GB storage.


The premium version will be priced at 2999 Yuan ($455).While this may be a bit costly as compared to Xiaomi’s previous smartphones, it will turn out to be relatively well priced. The only Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone announced this year, namely Le Max Pro is rumored to cost around $535.

That’s almost $100 higher than the high-end Xiaomi Mi 5 variant.Of course, at this moment, we can’t really confirm these prices. But expect the final figures to be somewhere near this.


As for the release date, it should be after February 20, possible on Feb 23. Xiaomi is yet to release invites for the event,so we will have to wait for a few days at least to get this information confirmed.

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