Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch Review: A Classy Performer

Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch is finally on the market! We have written about this watch as soon the announcement was made about the launching date and now we can proudly declare that it has hit the shelves and is available for ordering online.

The newest smartwatch from the Zeblaze Cosmo has delivered everything the company has planned for it. The Cosmo model has certainly kept pace with the modern technologies but has also managed to incorporate stylish design along with a definite fashion statement.

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We have gotten a hold of this smartwatch so we can examine the specifications and characteristics and bring you a unique review of Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch.

Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch


Brand Zeblaze
Display size 1.61 inches
Display resolution 258 x 320p
CPU MediaTek MTK2502
RAM 512 MB
Compatible OS iOS, Android
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0
Battery 250 mAh
Waterproof Yes
Health tracking Heart-rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder
Anti-lost Yes
Find phone Yes
Other functions Calculator, Calender
Supported languages Russian, Deutsch, German, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Swedish,  French, Finnish, Indonesian, Arabic, English, Polish, Turkish
Available colors Silver and gold
Weight and Size Dial size: 4.0 x 4.9 x 1.0 cm / 1.57 x 1.93 x 0.39″

Package size (LxWxH): 9.1 x 9.1 x 8 cm / 3.58 x 3.58 x 3.14 inches

Product weight: 0.080 kg

Package weight: 0.25 kg

Bottom of the Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch


When you finish unpacking the box, you will find one Zeblaze Cosmo smartwatch along with one USB charging cable. Also, to help you get around with all of the features and possibilities this watch provides, you will receive one Chinese and one English manual.

Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch Packaging


Zeblaze Cosmo is a prime example of a modern combination of technology and fashion. It is more than a smartwatch; it is a fashion statement, made Unisex, for both men and women.

Display Design of Zablaze Cozmo

Smooth edges and fine surfaces are the first things you will probably notice about the design of this watch. This level of smoothness is achieved because of the exceptional materials that are used to build this smartwatch – 316L aluminum alloy and finest grade stainless steel. Besides being resistant to wearing damage and corrosion, Zeblaze Cosmo is also waterproof allowing you to wear this watch all the time (Waterproof rating: IP65).

This watch comes with a 22mm original leather band. Take into consideration that the strap is replaceable which means you can choose your favorite band to personify this watch to your liking and style.

The Cosmo can be ordered in two colors, silver, and gold, and both look superb.

zeblaze cosmo strap


Displays are the watch’s most prominent characteristics, and that is why Zeblaze spared no expense to make Cosmo’s display the best possible. With the size of 1.61 inches and resolutions up to 256x320p, this IPS screen is able to give you a full 3D view. You will not have to squint your eyes in order to see what is on the screen, and you can expect to have an easy-accessible user interface.

The arc is lifted up to 1.4mm so you can look at the watch from a 160-degree angle without having to readjust your arm. The screen is specially coated to have a resistance to dust.

Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch functions


RAM and the processing unit

If we were to take a look “under the hood” of Zeblaze Cosmo, we would find that it is powered by a MediaTek MTK2502 Processor which is an On-Chip system and includes 512 MB of RAM. The official statement from the company announces that the Cosmo model is now 60% faster and has a 30% less power consumption when compared to its predecessors.


Zeblaze Cosmo shares the industry standard, a Bluetooth v4.0. This feature allows you to connect and synchronize your smartwatch with any other Android or iOS smart device that has the same or higher version of Bluetooth.

Once you have synced your smartwatch with your smartphone, you will have various possibilities and features. When it comes to calls, you will have the option of dialing, answering, making a phone call reminder and full access to your phonebook. Messaging is also available as you can create a message reminder.

Zeblaze connectivity options

With the information notification set-up, you can receive real-time information from your e-mail, Facebook, favorite news site, etc. and have them directly pushed to your smartwatch.

Another neat feature is the remote controlling. Use your smartwatch to remotely control the camera or to control the music on your smartphone.


Zeblaze Cosmo sports a strong 250 mAh polymer battery. The manufacturer has stated that the battery can last for 72 hours on Standby and 120 minutes of call time. After some time spent with the watch, we can surely confirm the statement.

Zeblaze Cosmo Charger

Additional Smartwatch Features

This smartwatch comes with a built-in Heart rate monitor that lets you know your heart rate anytime, anyplace – a feature that we recommend for any fitness aficionado.

The Pedometer will help you keep track of how much have you walked during a day that can help you develop healthy living habits. Use the Sleep monitor to know how to distribute your sleeping patterns correctly.

zeblaze cosmo side

Our opinion

As you could have seen from the style in which this review was written, we are very pleased with the new Zeblaze Cosmo as it has succeeded in leaving a great impression in all of the fields we have examined.

We can predict a splendid future for both this model and the Zeblaze company as other manufacturers are yet to make a smartwatch that is both a high-tech gadget and a fashion accessory.

The price is yet another great feature of Zeblaze Cosmo, and we have been saving this info for the end of the review because this awesome smart watch is available on pre-sale for only $69.99/~CNY407 especially considering that its regular price is announced to be around $99/~CNY651.

Buy Zeblaze Cosmo on Pre-Sale from

Use the comment section to write your own experience with the Zeblaze Cosmo so you can help others by creating a future reference for them.

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