VOYO A1 PLUS Review: An Orange Ultrabook That Delivers

The tech industry is evolving at the fast pace, and the innovations are rare in today’s market. The tablet division hasn’t had something refreshing and innovative for a long time, and the concept of laptop-tablet / ultrabook, where you can have both keyboard and touchscreen with the smaller casing was the latest innovation, covered by every tech brand known today.

This market segment proved to be interesting, as the devices here provided the functionality of the full keyboard, and the mobility and touch screen of the tablet. Lenovo Yoga notebooks were the pioneers in the market, and many of the manufacturers started following the trend. Today we’re reviewing the VOYO A1 Plus, the venture into the market of tablet-notebook combo. Let’s see does the Chinese manufacturer provide the quality device.


Intel invented the Ultrabook name, and it means a smaller, lighter notebook with specs of a laptop. The quality variations of an ultrabook brought us to the product we’re reviewing today; both touchscreen and keyboard, 360-degree rotation of the device, and the decent specs are the features of the orange Voyo A1 Plus.

Here are the full specs, courtesy of

Color Orange and Silver
Operating System Windows 10


Networks N/A
CPU 64-bit Intel Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 Quad Core 1.33GHz


Internal Memory 64 GB


Expandible Max. 128 GB (TF/microSD)


Display Size 11.6 Inch


Display Type IPS


Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Rear Camera 2.0 MP


Front Camera 0.3 MP


Supported Languages Deutsch, English, Türkçe, Nederlands, Italiano, Español, Português, Français, P?????? (Russian), Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean


Flash-Support No


Google Play (Market) No
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0


Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N


Accelerometer Yes
Connection Ports Earphone Port (3.5mm), Micro HDMI port, Micro SD (TF card port), USB port (2x)
Battery 10000mAh


Shell material Plastic
Size 290.0 x 196.0 x 16.0mm
Weight 1200g
4G / LTE Yes – Data



The device comes in the standard labeled box, containing a battery, a user manual, a charger, and a data cable.

VOYO A1 PLUS Packaging

There is no headphones nor stylus in the package as we have expected; only some manufacturers of premium devices supply those into packaging setup. The package comes with multiple layers of protection, bubble wrap and foils – Gearbest ensures the perfect packaging of the unit.


This ultrabook-tablet is made from sturdy plastic, comfortable to the touch, and it is very light and thin – around 1.2 kg and 16 mm of thickness. Sized at 290.0 x 196.0 x 16.0mm, it is compact, and good for handling. The device comes in metallic gray, and orange color. The design-oriented feature for this model is that device can rotate to fully 360 degrees, providing multiple angles for working, alongside from standard tablet look (keyboard completely folded) and laptop mode (standard). Locking key will keep the tablet in the angle you want.

Here’s how the device looks from the official data:

click on an thumbnail for a bigger picture

The keyboard can’t detach from the screen, like on the models like Microsoft Surface; when completely folded, the ultrabook tablet isn’t thick at all. The keyboard is well-designed, with quality buttons, pleasant to the touch.
VOYO A1 PLUS home screenThere is a locking key for the keyboard as well, to prevent the unauthorized usage, especially when the device is used as a full tablet. Functionality is excellent; the device is lightweight and pleasant to the touch.VOYO A1 PLUS front


The Voyo A1 Plus comes with an 11,6″ screen, made in IPS technology, rocking a full HD resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels. Voyo-A1-Plus-Display-3The display is, like every other IPS-one, a bit dimmer and washed out when compared to the AMOLED technology, but these units consume less power and are pleasant to the eye. The multi-touch screen is officially stated to be 10-point one, but on our usage (playing games that required more touch inputs simultaneously), we notice that device supports five different touch inputs at one time. Voyo-A1-Plus-DisplayMaybe a glitch, or a some issue, we weren’t sure – this is still a quality screen that offers good viewing angles, and quality usage. The sensitivity to the touch is very good – the device is responsive and precise, so you have to touch with precision in mind as well. The device supports the stylus (which doesn’t come with the package) with the sensitivity of 256 pressure points.

Processor, RAM memory

The Voyo A1 Plus comes with the Quad-Core Intel processor from the Cherry Trail family. The model of the processor has a label T Z3735, and it runs on 1.33 GHz at working frequency, with a maximum speed of 1.83 GHz. The processor is paired with a separate VGA unit, from Intel as well, Intel HD Graphics Gen 7. The multitasking is provided by 2GB of fast DDR3 RAM memory, which is not quite as much as we anticipated from the device. Later we found out there are multiple versions with more RAM and storage. The new Windows is optimized, and allows you to use the resources to the fullest potential, so the 2 GB of RAM isn’t that bad after all. We’d still be happier with 4GB of RAM.


There are two cameras on this device; the main camera is behind the display, and that one has a decent lens, with 2.0 Megapixel image size, and HD recording. The front unit packs only 0.3 Megapixels, which might be okay for occasional Skype calls and selfies. The cameras on tablets aren’t the focal point, so the manufacturers of even most popular brands in the world don’t put strong cameras in tablets, as their primary usage isn’t connected to the camera.


The storage on this model is 64 GB, which is expandable by TF card, up to 128 additional GB of storage. Next, the device can be connected with the external SSD hard drive, up to 128 GB, which can enhance the performance and storage capabilities. Storage-Capacity-of-Voyo-A1-PLUSAfter installing the everyday apps you need, you’ll have a decent amount of storage left, so the storage compartment is quite nice in our opinion. On the other hand, more demanding users might not like the capacity, especially if we consider that this is a portable computer, sort of speak.

Operating system

Voyo A1 Plus comes with the latest installment from Microsoft, Windows 10. The device comes pre-installed from Gearbest and opens up within seconds. The system is working like a charm, with no stuttering or lagging. 201509231939169555Both laptop and tablet mode are quickly changed, usage of the only touchscreen or combined with the keyboard, utilize the Win10 capabilities to the max. We were especially impressed with the RAM management.


When we speak about connectivity, this device comes with unique capabilities, which might sound strange. There is a 4G slot, to access the mobile communication networks with all frequencies as shown in the table at specs, but there are no possibilities to make calls. On the other hand, the 4G speeds perform great, and we enjoyed browsing on the ultrabook tablet from Voyo. Wi-Fi is here as well, with the latest standards –
802.11 B/G/N, providing speeds up to 50mgb/sec. Next, there is a Bluetooth 4.0, ensuring the quality connectivity to the wireless devices, and great rates of data transfer.



As you can see, the device rocks a 10,000 mAh battery, providing the 8 hours of stable usage without charging. This is the official claim by the manufacturer, which is fine for the brand new product, but we expect that the runtime will drop within the first few weeks of usage. On the new usage, the battery can withstand three hours of gaming at native resolution and 50% brightness levels, which is a feature that many laptops with bigger batteries can’t achieve. That’s the power of the new technology and the optimization from the new OS. Overall, we’re satisfied with the battery.

Additional Features

The device comes with two USB ports, supplying compatibility with many external devices. Next there is a mini-HDMI connector, which enables you to connect to the external monitors and TV devices, projecting the content from your tablet to the big screen in 1920 x 1080 resolution. The audio jack is standard, 3.5mm, which enables you to connect your favorite headphones or speakers. The sound is decent, considering this is a tablet device. Don’t expect the exceptional quality of sound.

Pros & Cons

After some time spent with the Voyo A1 Plus, here are the pros & cons that we noticed, which might help you decide would it be good to purchase this device.

First, we’ll go with the pros. This is a feature-rich tablet, with mid-range specs that are holding it’s own, and provide a quality experience. The fluidity of the system is good, and if you use it for light surfing, some multimedia, and text processing, you’ll have a reliable companion for years to come. If you like the combined laptop/tablet design with the 360-degree rotation, this is a great device for you.

Considering cons, we can state that this device has a plastic casing that isn’t showcasing quality and durability, like premium-built metallic devices. Next, if you’re more into more demanding apps, and intensive usage for gaming, Voyo will be able to answer your modest needs, but not for long.

Our Opinion

Voyo A1 Plus is a result of a good venture of the company to the ultrabook-tablet market. The quality specs, a rotating screen that is decent, good battery and bunch of features, all packed in the fluid and quality OS make this device a definite good buy. If you’re more into the more demanding usage, it would be good to go around this model and try the unit with the stronger processing unit and more RAM memory.

Voyo A1 Plus 4G is on a Flash Sale on Gearbest, and you can get this deal (30% off) only through our link below.

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