10 Best & Cheap Smart Bracelets in 2016

Smart bracelets are the latest hype when it comes to modern gadgets. These state  of the art devices have many advantages that come with smartphones but combined with comfort and simple user interface that can only be matched perhaps by smartwatches.

They are most frequently connected with sports or fitness, but smart bracelets are not just a tool for sports enthusiasts even though they have been perfected for training usage. Smart bracelets have recently become a popular modern accessory item because of their slick look and stylish design.

Smart bracelets are truly the latest must-have in the world of high-end portable technology.

We have a special treat for you this week as smart bracelets are currently at significant discounts. The prices have been reduced as much as 33% for some models and as always, you can find the best possible offers on our site.

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Chinese manufacturers have once again outdone themselves, and several companies launched an array of highly-reliable yet affordable smart bracelets. Check out our recommendations and choose a smart bracelet that will be your tech and fashion statement for 2016 – the year in which style and technology will become one.

1. Aoluguya S17

Aoluguya S17

Aoluguya S17 is a sport-based smart bracelet. This bracelet comes with the top-notch modern OLED screen that allows an entire field of view from any angle. Aoluguya S17 is equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 which means you can sync the bracelet with any Android or iOS based device that supports the same or higher version of Bluetooth. The bracelet is highly suitable for people who are into sports as it comes with the heart rate monitor and pedometer features. One of the biggest advantages of Aoluguya S17  is its ecological awareness as the bracelet is made from engineering plastic and TPE eco-friendly materials. You can have it for only $51.99 (~CNY341).

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2. E02


E02 is a smart wristband bracelet that is very popular within the sports community. It owes its popularity to the waterproof feature that makes this bracelet suitable even for extreme outdoor activities. To better accompany sports this smart bracelet comes with a pedometer and sleep tracker for better resting. E02 has a rather large 0.91″ OLED screen and has a built-in Bluetooth v4.0 for syncing with other smart devices. It can be ordered in five different vibrant colors (black, blue, red, green and orange). You can purchase the E02 smart bracelet for only $19.99 / ~CNY131.

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3. Vidonn X5

vidonn x5

Vidonn X5 is another smart bracelet that comes highly recommended for sports aficionados. The main features are the stopwatch, sleep tracker, the activity tracker; combined, they give a full-day analysis of your training and resting. Bluetooth v4.0 can be used to sync with your phone or other devices as this bracelet supports both Android and iOS operating systems. Using the Vidonn app, you can easily share your fitness results on various social networks. We feel that it is necessary to mention that the Vidonn X5 is made from ABS plastic that is very comfortable and highly reliable. The price of this excellent gadget is only $37.99 / ~CNY249.

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4. YQT Y08

YQT 08

YQT Y08 is the perfect example of how a smart bracelet can be a fashionable accessory capable of handling high-tech tasks that you might need. After connecting the bracelet via Bluetooth v3.0 to any Android or iOS device, you will have the option of remotely controlling the camera, messages, and even making hands-free calls. Perhaps the greatest asset this bracelet has to offer is that it is made from a combination of stainless steel, leather and plastic creating a stylish and elegant smart device. It is available in gold and silver color variant. The YQT Y08 can be yours for only $37.99 / ~CNY249.

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5. Aoluguya F16

Aoluguya F16

Aoluguya F16 smart bracelet is the second Aoluguya bracelet that has made its way to our list, and there are numerous reasons for that. Certainly one of the biggest reasons is its unbelievably low price of $23.99 ~CNY157, especially considering the features that this bracelet is equipped with. It uses a 0.84″ OLED screen to display many features, such as the alarm clock, timer, sleep tracker and other. Bluetooth v4.0 is used to remotely control features on smart devices. The casing and the band are wrapped in TPU plastic that is very soft and is the same material used on many smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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6. M105B


M105B is another example of an excellent fitness smart bracelet that is designed for the youth and to fit with sports clothing. It is available in five colors (yellow, red, and green, black, blue) in lively, vibrant shades. When it comes to wellness, this device offers an array of features available to you. Stopwatch and timer can be used for record keeping whereas sleep tracker and activity tracker are used so you could have a full analysis of your daily routines. The key features are the gyro sensor that can sense angular velocity and help improve your motions and Bluetooth v4.0 that allows syncing. You can purchase the M105B for only $19.99 / ~CNY 131.

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7. ORDRO S55

Ordro s55

ORDRO S55 smart bracelet is one of the best secondary devices on the market. It is called secondary because when you use the built-in Bluetooth v4.0 to sync with your smartphone, the ORDRO S55 becomes a remote controller for many features. This way, you can control your messages, camera and call log. ORDRO S55 can be synced with any smart device based on Android 4.3 or iOS 6.0 or higher. This bracelet has the option of locating your device remotely via an app conveniently named Find My Device. Large 0.91″ screen displays easy user interface, especially when handling with remote controlling. The price of this excellent gadget is $46.99 / ~CNY308.

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8. Lincass Smart Bracelet

Lincass Smart Bracelet

Chinese manufacturer Lincass launched their model of a smart bracelet and had built a device with many familiar features. Lincass decided to include the very popular pedometer as well as motion and sleep trackers for those keen on sports and fitness. Connectivity is offered via Bluetooth v4.0 and can pair with any Android/iOS device allowing for easy community sharing. Incoming call notifier and remote control of messaging are features that become available once you have synced the bracelet. This smart bracelet is available in six colors and can be bought for only $31.99 / ~CNY210.

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9. Kimlink TW64

Kimlink TW64

Kimlink TW64 is the lowest priced smart bracelet on our list, but it is in many ways a concurrent on the market to much higher-priced counterparts. The cost of the Kimlink TW64 is only $13.99 / ~CNY91. Do not be mistaken because of the price as the Kimlink TW64 is equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 and can sync with other devices like any other bracelet. It also has other attractive features such as the pedometer and sleep tracker. As it is made from rubber, the Kimlink TW64 is also waterproof, thus suitable to be carried even to the beach or pool. This bracelet can be purchased in any of the three colors available (black, blue, orange) below.

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10. Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

xiaomi mi band

The original Xiaomi Mi Band is a smart bracelet that has found the perfect balance between elegance and sport, between price and performance. On one hand, this waterproof bracelet comes with everything you might need for fitness training such as the pedometer, sports tracking, and a sleep monitor. The features of the new version of the band are heart rate monitor and locking mechanism. When synced via Bluetooth, this bracelet can be an excellent auxiliary device to any smart gadget based on Android or iOS operating systems with features such as the call reminder or the silent alarm. All of this is encased in a Magnesium-Aluminum alloy casing, and a TPSiV band gives maximum comfort. If you would like to have a Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, you should know that it is available for only $22.79 / ~ 150.21 Yuan. 

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