Zeblaze Cosmo highlights everything you want in an affordable wearable – Promotional offer for Crystal smartwatch as well

It’s very hard to believe that wearables come at a very affordable price these days but thanks to the emergence of online stores like Gear Best, you too can become the proud owner of smartwatches and other products. On this occasion, we have Zeblaze Cosmo, which according to the company, has a total of 20 different exclusive designers of dial UI and five different kinds of dial styles. In short, the wearable happens to be extremely customizable in terms of the overall interface aesthetic.


We are not yet finished because Zeblaze Cosmo is also cross platform compatible with the likes of Android and iOS, although we have to say that we are sorely disappointed that the wearable is not compatible with Windows Phones. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Windows Mobile OS has yet to penetrate the smartphone market, something that Android and iOS have done quite effectively. Moving on, Zeblaze Cosmo also features a 22mm Italian leather strap, and according to the company, it will be quite different from regular leather.


For starters, it is sweat proof, which is a characteristic that is not yet known on regular leather and it is also quite durable in terms of holding out against wear and tear, something that low-quality leather has a terrible habit of doing. It is also IP65 certified, which in other words, means that not only is it able to hold out against water till a certain degree, but it is also able to keep out dust just as effectively, keeping the internals working for a longer period of time.


In a completely separate promotion offered by Gear Best, Zeblaze Crystal is being offered for a price of $39.99 so if you wanted to own a wearable that will not diminish your bank account, then then you should definitely look into this promotion.


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