The Zeblaze Cosmo Smartwatch is Coming

Zeblaze, a young Chinese Company from Shenzhen, has announced their latest smartwatch, the Zeblaze Cosmo. It is the third watch in line made by this Chinese manufacturer that has come after the Rover and Crystal models. The Zeblaze Cosmo comes with a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth v4.0 and a strap made from genuine leather.

Zeblaze Cosmo lether strap

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Heart rate monitor

The Zeblaze Cosmo has a built-in monitor that measures heart rate and gives precise info anytime and anywhere. This feature is perfect to those that care about fitness and staying in shape.


This watch is equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 4.0 that allows this smartwatch to connect to any smartphone with the same or higher version of Bluetooth. By using the option of Bluetooth, it is possible to sync devices and control certain features of the cell phone via smartwatch.

Leather band  

Default leather strap is made from 100% genuine leather and is uniquely designed to give the watch that retro look.

The strap connector can easily be undone and gives the option of customizing the watch to the preferred taste of the user.


Perhaps the most interesting feature that was announced for the Zeblaze Cosmo is the use of a magnetic suction charging interface. As it can be seen from the photo, by simply putting the magnetic end of the charger near the back of the watch and the magnetic force will lock the two parts together. This innovative way of charging was implemented to improve simplicity and efficiency.

Zeblaze Cosmo charging

Our opinion

The Zeblaze Cosmo is announced as a step forward in the company’s official policy to unify fashion and technology. While other companies are rushing to follow the high-tech trends of their western counterparts Zeblaze has taken the high road of reliability and elegance.

The fact that 97 people have already signed up just to get a notice when the watch goes on sale speaks alone for the success that awaits the Zeblaze Company in the future.

If you too want to be among the first to purchase this smartwatch you can follow the link to get the best deal.

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