Huawei Shipped over 100 Million Phones in 2015

A few months ago, Huawei announced that it was going to reach the 100 million shipped smartphones in 2015. Seems to be they were right, the company has revealed via its official Weibo account that it has shipped more than 100 million smartphones as of December 18, 2015.

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If we take a look to the companies that shipped more than 100 million, we have as usual Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi was expected to ship over 100 million smartphones as they announced, but unfortunately for the company they stuck with 73 million.

Huawei is doing a great job releasing smartphones every couple of months covering all the ranges like Samsung does, from low-end smartphones to high-end Android smartphones.

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The MWC 2016 is getting close and many manufacturers will show their latest flagship during this event. Will 2016 be another good year for Huawei? It seems that will be, they have lot of devices coming and the expectations are very high.

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The company contributes a large portion of its success to the high-end Honor branding. Though only a couple of years old, Honor smartphones have been selling extremely well in China through aggressive prices and marketing campaigns compared to Xiaomi, ZTE, and others. Huawei signed a contract with Google to develop the recent Nexus 6P as well.

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A handful of other smartphone manufacturers have not been so lucky. HTC is facing lukewarm sales of its latest One A9, LG reported lower-than-expected Q3 2015 results, and Xiaomi recently brushed off its failure to meet its lofty sales goal of 80 million.

Currently Huawei sits in the first position in China, and Third globally in sales. It would be really interesting to see what Huawei does in 2016 to keep the sales numbers growing and also keep the product line fresh.

What do you guys think about Huawei’s immense success? Let’s continue the discussion in the comments below.

Source : MyDrivers (Chinese)

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