Zeblaze Cosmo to Use MT2502C Chip

Chinese smart-watches or the smart wearable market has been very stale when it came to the internal specifications. Almost every other company has a ‘uniquely designed’ smart-watch, but it’s internals are the same as the one before it.


Zeblaze, a very popular smart-watch manufacturer has revealed  few details about it’s upcoming smartwatch, the Zeblaze Cosmo, and it’s going to get exciting again for the smartwatch enthusiasts.

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Zeblaze has decided to stick with the industry-standard MediaTek’s MT2502 platform. However they are going to use the MT2502C System On Chip (SOC/processor), instead of the more common MT2502A. The MT2502C is a slightly improved version of it’s predecessor. Which is a good thing to see, especially from Zeblaze, one of the biggest manufacturers of smartwatches.


Zeblaze went on to give out a few more details like the Cosmo will use the 316L grade Aluminum combined with an Anti-Rust Element. They also mention that the device takes 42 processes of CNC machining are required to construct the product from raw materials.

There is official word on what the Zeblaze Cosmo will be priced just yet. For more information on the finalized price and availability, keep watching our site for more information.

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