Meizu MX4 Pro gets a huge price cut so you more access to affordable yet powerful smartphones

Meizu’s MX4 Pro might not be the most powerful smartphone available in the market, but for some, that hardly matters after they will get to see one of the biggest price cuts introduced by the manufacturer. According to MyDrivers, MX4 Pro’s price has been slashed to an extremely affordable 999 Yuan, which turns out to be an extremely affordable 154.05 USD. The Chinese source has said that from 8:00 to 12:00 (CST or Chinese Standard Time, although ‘am’ has not been listed ‘pm’), the price of the handset is going to be reduced to the above mentioned one.

However, when the super discount has been imposed on the website known as Jingdong Mall, you can be confident that there are going to be a limit number of units available for the public, so it is strongly advised that you place your order as fast as possible. As for the hardware specifications, MX4 Pro has a 5.5 inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1536. The storage model that is going to be on sale is the 16GB version, and before you make your purchase, you should know that the previous generation flagship does not provide support for a microSD card slot, meaning that you will have to make do without this feature.

Meizu MX4 Pro 3

There is 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM, along with Samsung’s Exynos 5430 chipset running the following processor configuration:

  • Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A15
  • Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A7

Meizu MX4 Pro 2

There is also a 20.7MP rear camera sensor and a 5MP front sensor. The rear camera will be able to shoot 4K footage comfortably, and the device is running Android KitKat 4.4.4, according to the specification details listed on GSMArena. There is a 3,350mAh cell, which should provide adequate battery life, provide you play with it in a moderate amount of usage. The specifications are still impressive despite the device being a previous generation model and with this discount, more and more consumers will gain access to powerful Android smartphones.


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