The new BMW Smart Key is a Fantastic One

Technology is advancing in every aspect today, and many industries are enjoying the fruits of technology advancement. The new BMW 7-Series cars will have a key that can be used as a smartphone, which has a set of logarithmic functions, remote control, and several functions that will blow your mind.


The first model from BMW that implemented this key is futuristic i8 hybrid sports coupe that stuns the eye. The key from the hybrid coupe differs from the newest model in screen size and had a simple door-open functionality. The new key has a 2.2-inch screen, with a resolution of 320×240 pixels.

smartkey from bmw

The incredible functionality that this key has been Remote Control Parking – yes, you can park your car without even being inside of it! That means you can get out of the car and control the parking process with your key. The car itself will use the set of sensors and cameras that to steer around any obstacles that might get in the way for the precision parking, and won’t do any damage to the surrounding as well as the car.

The iDrive display on the key isn’t there just for the Surround View option, but for a variety of other options as well; changing drive modes, controlling the climate control, the windows, the heating in the seats, and the condition of the tires as well.


The systems that operate the vehicle and the key itself have sensors that will help you get your keys, unlock and open your car’s doors when you get to 1.5 meters near. The tailgate is also controlled with the key, next to exterior mirrors, driving setup, head-up display, and multimedia controls. You won’t need to touch your tailgate ever again – the sensors will open it automatically when you approach it, and start closing when you finish putting your stuff away in the rear compartment.

The key remote connects with the iPhone app that BMW developed to improve further the experience and usage of the digital services. The functionality further improves the connectivity, where you’re able to locate your car in the parking lot quickly with the app or key – just pressing the button will make it sound the horn or flash the lights.

Is the BMW Smart Key truly a smart one?

The new futuristic key has an excellent set of features; the fuel level, windows, and electric battery range is displayed to provide information to you anytime you have a look at your key. On the other hand, you still can’t use this key as a smartphone, making calls, browsing the web or play multimedia. You can use the key in the same manner you use your smartphone, by swiping the screen for options, and additional info, settings, and more.


The key is made from a quality glass and aluminum and looks amazing. Have a look at some more photos.

bmw_7-series_12 BMW-7er-155 fob_03

The car industry will go towards this technology, and in the future, we can expect more keys like this being implemented in future models of every manufacturer.

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