Huawei developing more than its own chipset and operating system for its future mobile handsets

Huawei Mate 8 is a powerhouse of a mobile device, and it is because the company has been focusing on its own custom developed chipsets as well as its long list of mobile devices. Now, in addition to developing its own custom ‘system on a chip’, the latest report from the industry side of things state that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is also planning on developing its own custom GPU, and its own custom flash memory chips for future handsets.

It was already reported that Huawei was working on its own mobile operating system in order to reduce the dependency of Google’s Android OS, but the company obviously did not want to end up like Samsung did with its Tizen platform. With a lack of applications, Kirin OS (the name of the company’s own operating system) has to get more tweaked out before it can start running on its own. As for its own custom developed mobile graphics processor, Huawei is following in the footsteps of Apple, who had earlier stated that it plans on making its own GPU and move away from Imagination Technologies.


Designing its own chips will have added benefits since the hardware will obviously play well with the company’s own custom interface. As for the memory chips, it can be said that Huawei might be looking to partner up with big companies such as Samsung, Micron or SK Hynix since these are the big players in the semiconductor industry for flash memory products.

We cannot say right now for sure which product is going to end up sporting such features, but it looks like Huawei P9 is potentially looking to be the company’s upcoming smartphone that could have such internals. We will keep you updated on the latest from the industry segment, but it looks like Huawei will be severing quite a few number of dependencies from its list in the future.

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