Xiaomi and Huawei will be releasing their own drones soon

UAV, or in other words, unmanned consumer drones have started to become a popular product amongst the masses. However, thanks to their large price tag, they have become extremely difficult to afford for those who are a strict budget. That is where smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei come into play; by providing customers with affordable products that go easy on their budget.

According to the latest source, both companies are racing against one another in order to provide the perfect consumer drone. However, apart from any other information besides the fact that they are working on such a product, there are no other facts provided about the upcoming aerial machine. However, looking at the company’s previous products, we have to say that these consumers’ drones are most likely going to be much more affordable than their competitors, allowing both companies to increase their market share by targeting a larger consumer base.

Xiaomi and Huawei will be releasing their own drones soon

Naturally, both Xiaomi and Huawei are going to target the products on their own home turf first and then make their way to other markets. We have confidence that straight after China, both companies will be attempting to bring consumer drones to the United States, where such items have grown into a very popular commodity. There is also a possibility that we could see drones that will be equipped with video recording functionality, thus putting other firms like GoPro on the tip of their toes and turn them into their new rivals.


We will keep you updated on the latest pricing and different kinds of consumer drones that are going to be released in the near future but for now, we are going to have to play the waiting game and look for other updates around the corner.

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