Xiaomi CEO Claimed Xiaomi would be a Century-old Brand

As for its founder and CEO Lei Jun, Xiaomi is bound to be a new famous domestic brand and with lower prices but better quality, it will compete with those foreign brands to change the image of China’s manufacturing industry.

In an interview with the Qianjiang Evening News, Lei Jun says, he is satisfied with Xiaomi’s performance and they will keep the original intention to make the product with quality materials.

Lei Jun emphasizes, Xiaomi promoted the“New Domestic Product” campaign, which has gradually changed the image of the domestic products used to be. He believes that no one would deny that Xiaomi has brought significant changes to the China’s mobile phone industry. Now China’s smartphones are cheaper than ever before and the quality is also improved.

Xiaomi wants to change Chinese people’s impression on domestic products. It is believed that after ten years, the image of China’s manufacturing industry in the global will have a complete change.

Xiaomi still needs to learn from other older companies. For example, it can learn how to make products with good materials from Tongrentang; word-of-mouth marketing from Haidilao; work efficiency from Wal-mart, Costco. The vision of Xiaomi is to cast the company into a hundred year’s brand.

This year, China’s Internet market has undergone a lot of events. Lei Jun notes that  a new change has occurred to Chinese internet market. This year acquired, Didi merged Kuaidi, Ctrip partnered, combined with all in a very short period of time and those companies quickly become new giants after the M&A. Furthermore, behind these events we can see the operation of BAT(Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent). Now will these new giants exert great influence on the entrepreneurs and innovation?

As early as in 2005, the BAT market pattern has not been formed yet, and the three major web portals are the biggest companies in Chinese internet market. At that time, under the influence of this three web portals, it seems that there is not many opportunities for startup in Chinese internet as the big three take everything. However, before long, a bunch of companies have sprung up including the BAT. The market actually consists of rounds of iterations.

Besides Xiaomi, what opportunities do you think will emerge in the future of internet industry that you mostly care about this year? Use three words to describe your feelings about this year’s development of Chinese internet.

Lei Jun: I have paid more attention to the trendy areas, such as the IOT, rural internet, industrial internet and so on. I think in the next five years the main opportunity lies in these areas. As for three words, the first is high-speed, which means the overall development of China’s internet is fast; the second word is optimistic, which indicates my optimism on future innovation and entrepreneurship; the third one is happy, which suggests the internet makes ordinary people live a happier life.

The internet is about a certain kind of thoughts, a way of thinking. I hope that the internet can become as important as water and power to us to change the backward way of information communication and resources distribution, driving the human society moving forward and making a better life for human beings.

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