Xiaomi Mi5 will Have a Quick Pay Feature

Snapdragon 820,fingerprint identification, HiFi sound effect……Now another feature has been confirmed by Xiaomi for Mi5——“Cloud Quick Pass”payment based on NFC technology.
A few days ago, China UnionPay together with more than 20 commercial Banks jointly launched “Cloud Quick Pass”, marked a new era of mobile payment. To complete the payment by “Cloud Quick Pass” only needs three steps: first, you must have an Android smartphone with NFC payment function; second, the cardholder uses the mobile banking APP to generates a card for Cloud Quick Pass; Finally, you can use your smartphone for payment through the POS machine with the logo of UnionPay’s QuickPass.
This kind of payment is more convenient. You can complete the payment without access to internet and opening a mobile banking APP, as long as you put your phone near to the POS machine.
What needs to be mentioned here is that the Industrial Bank lists phone models that support its cloud payment function when they do the promotion. In its list we can clearly see Xiaomi Mi5.
As is known to all, Xiaomi Mi3 supports NFC, which was not popularly supported at that time. As a result, NFC is removed from Xiaomi Mi4. Now with the promotion of China UnionPay for“Cloud Quick Pass”, the NFC is back in Xiaomi Mi5.
According to previous news, with Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM(16GB and 64GB in storage memory respectively), Xiaomi Mi5 will be loaded with 5-inch 1080p screen. The new phone will still have two versions. One is compatible for all carriers and one is for double 4G. Rose gold is added to the color options (including gold and silver) and the OS for the new phone is MIUI system based on Android 6.0.
Xiaomi Mi5 fingerprint identification is in the lower part of the front. It provides USB Type-C port and its front camera is 8 MP while the rear is 16 MP with SONY IMX300 as its sensor. The price still is expected to be RMB 1999.

Photo of Xiaomi Mi5’s front screen



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