Top 19 Cheap Chinese Smartwatches

Chinese smartwatches are becoming more and more popular on the world market. They offer us the best possible combination of price and quality.

If you were to compare the quality between the Chinese smartwatches and others you would be surprised by the top of the line state of the Chinese products.

If you put the stereotypes aside, you will see that the price difference is only there because the Chinese are not as infatuated with their brands.

Let’s have a look at this list of 11 cheap and awesome Chinese smartwatches. We offer you short descriptions along with useful links to our friendly sites with the best offers for these smartwatches.



RWATCH M26 is a Chinese smartwatch that is available for only ~$20 (~CNY130) .

This watch has the screen size of 1.4 inches and weighs 0.070 kg. It is well designed and can be ordered in a white, black, and blue variant.

This smartwatch comes with the Bluetooth technology (2.3 to 4.0) which means you can pair it with your smartphone. Once this watch is synced with your mobile phone, it can run your phonebook, call log, and even your music and messaging.

This watch offers great apps such as the pedometer, an alarm that can be set in 5 groups, calendar, and others. The watch is powered by an excellent 230 mAh battery.

Buy RWATCH M26 from

Buy RWATCH M26 from

Buy RWATCH M26 from

Buy RWATCH M26 from

2. U Watch U8

U Watch U8 Smartwatch picture

U Watch U8 is a smart Bluetooth watch that you can buy for just ~$21,99 by clicking the link below the description.

The U Watch U8 is a light smartwatch because it has a plastic housing along with a soft rubber strap (it weighs only 0.044 kg). It is possible to find it in red, black and white color.

The main feature is the Bluetooth option that can pair this watch with almost any mobile phone on the market. This option allows you to control certain features of your phone through the watch. For example, you can take photos on your phone, using your smartwatch.

The watch has built-in speakers allowing you to play music directly from your wrist.

Buy U Watch U8 from

Buy U Watch U8 from

Buy U Watch U8 from

3. I5 Plus

I5 Plus Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch

I5 Plus is a smartwatch that can be purchased for ~$22(~CNY142) at our affiliate link.

This watch is slick, bracelet shaped and perfect for those who are into sports and fitness (it is available in red, blue and black). It has a 0.91-inch screen that can display 32 characters in a large font and the watch itself weighs only 0.024 kg.

It has the option of syncing with your smartphone as it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. The watch can register phone calls, messages and help you find your phone.

The I5 Plus central feature is sports tracking, such as your time, steps, distance and the burning of calories.

The 75mAh lithium-polymer battery can serve you for up to five days at a time.

Buy I5 Plus from

Buy I5 Plus from

Buy I5 Plus from

4. DZ09


DZ09 is a single SIM card smartwatch that can be purchased for ~$18,99(~CNY122.67) at the link below.

The DZ09 comes in a skillfully made stainless steel case along with a super soft rubber band that is quite comfortable and equipped with a classic pin buckle.

This watch sports a large 1.56 inch TFT HD LCD touch screen (240×240 pixels) that gives you a wide field of view without losing the quality of the picture.

The main feature is the SIM card option which means you can dial or receive a phone call or even use the SMS from your wrist. This watch can also be an external feature of your cell phone as it can be paired via Bluetooth v3.0.

Buy DZ09 Smartwatch from

Buy DZ09 Smartwatch from

Buy DZ09 Smartwatch from

Buy DZ09 Smartwatch from

5. U8 Smartwatch


A Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, both Android and iOS support, controlling the messages, calls, alarms, stopwatch, timer, activity tracking, and media controlling are the features of the U8 smartwatch. This multifunctional model can be yours for only $16.99 / 109.76 Yuan. A great bargain, considering the functionality and versatility of the watch.

a 1,44-inch screen displays media and functions sharply and on a quality level, and battery can withstand 60 hours of use or 6-7 hours of usage.

Buy U8 Smartwatch from

Buy U8 Smartwatch from

Buy U8 Smartwatch from

Buy U8 Smartwatch from

6. Bluboo Uwatch

Bluboo U watch picture

Bluboo Uwatch is an elegantly designed smartwatch that can be found for ~$29(~CNY187) at our link.

This watch features the Fluoroelastomer band that is made of the elastic yet sturdy material used for bands on iWatches. The case is made of a light aluminum material that makes this watch weigh only 0.043 kg. The watch is available in three colors: black, gold and silver.

The main characteristic of this watch is the option of using Bluetooth 4.0 to sync with other smart devices. Sync your phonebook so you won’t miss another call again. You can also sync your various apps such Facebook, Twitter, and SMS so you will receive notifications on your watch.

This watch offers the sleep monitor and the pedometer apps allowing you to follow your exercising and your sleeping patterns.

Buy Bluboo Uwatch from

Buy Bluboo Uwatch from



RWATCH M28 is a high-spec model, that offers a variety of servies and functions to the shoppers. This futuristic watch comes in four colors, light blue, white, red and black. You can have it for $15.99/103.30 Yuan from – we provide a button for you to get it quickly.

This watch has a great 1.54-inch screen, paired with the great functionality, quality casing which is waterproof, and a quality, modern design. A true fitness buddy, RWATCH M28 provides a pedometer, fat measurement, heart rate montor, as well as speedometer. It connects with your cellphone via Bluetooth, and can perform all telephony and multimedia functioning without getting your phone out of your pocket. Quality rubber and fine metal casing ensure great feel on hand.

Buy RWATCH M28 from

Buy RWATCH M28 from

Buy RWATCH M28 from

8. Haier Iron

Haier Iron Smart Watch picture

The Haier Iron is a superbly made smartwatch that can be bought at a low price of ~$45(~CNY290) by following our link.

The watch itself is very handsomely designed and sports a 1.54 inches screen that comes with the 2.5D Gorilla glass. This upgrade increases durability and scratch resistance substantially.

Via Bluetooth v4.0 this watch can be connected to your phone and can notify of any calls or messages and gives you the option of answering directly on the watch. The Haier Iron is also fully compatible with the iOS system.

The most interesting features are the real-time heart rate monitor that gives results with high accuracy and the 0.3 MP camera.

Buy Haier Iron from

Buy Haier Iron from

9. Uwatch U11

Uwatch U11 picture

Uwatch U11 is a smartwatch that can act as a phone and costs only ~$54(~CNY348).

This watch had its case built from stainless steel to achieve greater durability along with a comfortable rubber strap that comes with a convenient pin buckle.

The Uwatch U11 has 1.59 inches TFT touch screen which is a combination of a large size screen and high definition picture displaying.

The central feature of this watch is that it can dual as both a separate phone device or in sync with your mobile phone via Bluetooth v4.0. If you wish to use the watch as a phone, it has the option of an SIM card and can make and receive calls as well as use SMS.

Buy Uwatch U11 from

Buy Uwatch U11 from

Buy Uwatch U11 from

Buy Uwatch U11 from

10. No.1 Sun S2

No.1 Sun S2 picture

The No.1 Sun  S2 is a smartwatch with a circular display screen that is available for only ~$55(~CNY355) if you visit our link.

The circular screen and contoured bezels featured on this model give it a fashion look and uniqueness. The strap made for this watch is easily replaceable so feel free to customize the watch to gain conformity.

With Bluetooth v3.0 this watch is capable of connecting to your mobile phone. It can control the dial and receive options as well as notify you of any incoming calls or messages.

This watch comes with the useful Heart rate monitoring app that allows you to have precise data about your pulse so you can schedule your exercise better.

Buy No.1 Sun S2 from

Buy No.1 Sun S2 from

Buy No.1 Sun S2 from

11. RWATCH R11

RWATCH R11 picture

RWATCH R11 is modern oval looking smartwatch that can be purchased for only ~$56(~CNY361) at the link below the description.

The RWATCH R11 has a Classic round watch screen, counting on the traditional beauty. The screen itself is a 1.22 inches (240 x 204) touchscreen. This watch also comes with a genuine leather strap.

The main features are the MTK2501 CPU and Bluetooth v.4.0 that allow this watch to become in sync with your cell phone and use many of its apps.

The watch also features the unique Infrared remote controller that can control the TV or the air conditioner.

Buy RWATCH R11 from

Buy RWATCH R11 from

Buy RWATCH R11 from

Buy RWATCH R11 from



The OUKITEL A28 is a smartwatch you can order for only ~$57(~CNY368).

This watch is equipped with the 1.54 inches HD IPS (240 x 240) Non-air-gap screen and a unique calfskin leather strap imported from Europe.

The main features are the MTK 2502 chip and Bluetooth v4.0. The OUKITEL A28 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can connect to your mobile phone and use the dial, message or contact sync options.

The Heart rate monitor carries the same sensor as the iWatch and can accurately measure heart rate.

A unique and useful feature of this watch is that you only need to turn gently your arm, and then the screen will light up.

Buy OUKITEL A28 from

Buy OUKITEL A28 from

Buy OUKITEL A28 from

13. i95

i95 Android 4.3 Smart Watch picture

i95 is a smartwatch runs on Android 4.3 OS that can be acquired for only ~$95(~CNY613) by following our links.

The i95 comes with a light aluminum metal case and with two kinds of watch straps. You can choose either the glowing metal strap or the comfortable leather one.

With the built-in Android 4.3 system the i95 can connect with WIFI, so you can use this watch to surf the Internet.

You can use your voice or a simple hand raise to light up the screen.

The greatest strength of this watch lies in its unbelievably fearsome hardware. XBurst with 1.2GHz and a 300MHz dual-core CPU with 512MB RAM. The internal storage capacity is 4GB flash ROM, which is more than enough for anything you might need.

Buy i95 Smartwatch from

Buy i95 Smartwatch from

Buy i95 Smartwatch from

14. Kimlink Hiwatch II


The Kimlink Hiwatch II, a premium-looking watch is made from quality alluminum, and quality rubber costs $49,99 / 323.00 Yuan, and it comes in black, silver and gold color. The watch provides a wide and vivid 1.55-inch touch screen, a long-lasting battery (manufacturer states that runtime of a single charge is 60-100 hours), and a plethora of functions. This smartwatch can function as a cellphone, as it has a SIM card slot, and can be synchronized with your smartphone as well.

Functions like multimedia playback, calling, sms, pedometer and caller ID displaying diversify this smartwatch alongside the premium look. This is a deffinite best-buy.

Buy The Kimlink Hiwatch II from

For the end of our list, we give you a selection of sports smart bracelets and watches.

15. Makibes JW018

Makibes JW018 picture

The Makibes JW018 is a smart band excellent for exercising that can be purchased for $36(~CNY232) at the link below.

The Makibes JW018 comes as a comfortable rubber wristband weighing only 20 grams with the Invisible screen design. The Bluetooth v4.0 allows you to get in sync with your cell phone so you can get notified of any incoming calls.

The pedometer app enables you to keep track of your sports, record steps, distance and burnt calories.

This band features the heart rate monitor app with the optical pulse sensor that shows you your heart rate along with the PPG.

16. Makibes L18 IP54

Makibes L18 IP54 picture

Makibes L18 IP54 is a Smart Bracelet that you can purchase for only $40(~258CNY).

The Makibes L18 IP54 is made of rubber that is tougher than ordinary but with increased comfort for the user.

This bracelet is compatible with Android 4.3 and above and iOS 7.0 and above via Bluetooth v4.0.

The pedometer acts as your private management expert, you can monitor your daily movement, the number of steps you take and the progress you’re making towards your health goals.

The Makibes L18 IP54 is IP54 water resistant and therefore very convenient for your everyday life.

The incredible battery allows for 5-7 days of usage before needing a recharge.

17. Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S picture

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is a sport like smart band that can be found for $29(~CNY187) if you click on the link below the description.

Made of a soft and comfortable rubber the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is perfect for anyone that enjoys sports.

Because it is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, this bracelet can detect real-time heart rate and let you adjust your fitness program accordingly.

This wristband comes with the Bluetooth v4.0 that you can use to connect with your mobile phone. You won’t miss important calls during your exercise.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 1S from

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 1S from

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 1S from

18. Makibes F68

Makibes F68 picture

The Makibes F68 is a smart sports watch you can acquire for only $41(~CNY264) if you click the link below.

The body of this watch is made by using advanced aluminum alloy material to add the finishing touch thus achieving its excellent gloss. The rubber strap is easily replaceable if you would prefer to use leather or a metal strap and can be ordered in various colors.

You can actively use this watch for seven days without recharging as it has one of the smallest power consumption rates.

There is no need to light up the circular screen as it is more visible under the sunlight.

It has an excellent heart rate monitor.

Buy Makibes F68 from

Buy Makibes F68 from

19. SWAT 004 Youngs

SWAT 004

SWAT 004 Youngs is the newest modern sports smartwatch that you can purchase for only $57(~CNY368)

The SWAT 004 Youngs comes with a fresh design, and you can choose between military and sports style. The screen is equipped with a backlight so you can see the information even in the dark.

The watch is fitted with a CR2032 battery imported from Japan. This super-strong battery does not only guarantee excellent keeping of time but also it can deliver 365 days of standby time.

Bluetooth v4.0 allows you to stay in touch with your cell phone while you are doing sports.

The watch offers a wide array of services such as the movement pacer, the stopwatch, the metronome, etc.

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