QC Q18 smart-watch review

QC Q18 smart-watch review

In the era of gadgets, smartphones and watches it is not easy to stand out. Made by relatively unknown Chinese company QC, the Q18 smartwatch definitively has a lot to offer for a decent price. We are reviewing this model today.

Unboxing and specs

Smartwatch comes in a cylinder-shaped package that contains screen protector, flat USB charging cable made out of good quality rubber, a manual written in English and, of course, Q18 smartwatch. The watch itself is very eye-pleasing with a beautiful modern design. It comes in a three color variants, white, black and silver.

The first thing you will notice is a relatively large (by smartwatch standards) 1.54 inch, 2.5D curved edge LCD capacitive screen with the resolution of 240×240. This does not sound much on paper, but the content looks quite good on that resolution. Build quality is great and rubbery band fits very well on your wrist. The camera is 0.3MP with video taking capabilities, and it is usable for snapping a photo or taking a video on the run.

The device is running on a Mediatek’s MTK6260 CPU, clocked at 360MHz with 64MB of RAM and 132MB of ROM. In case you need more storage for media consumption, you can insert additional TF media card with the capacity of up to 32GB. On the connectivity side, the device is well covered with NFC, Bluetooth 3.0 and you can even insert GSM SIM card in it and make calls. Q18 is powered by a 500mAh battery that can last through a full day of usage, depending on the way you use it, of course.


This device is called smartwatch for a reason. You can do many things (besides checking the time) on it that regular watches simply cannot do. Pairing with your Android or iOS device with Bluetooth and NFC is one of them. You can listen to music, send and receive email and SMS, receive and make a call, and browse the web.

With this device, you can control your smartphone and your smartphone’s camera and communicate with it in real time. This device is great for sports and other outdoor activities, whether to check how many steps it takes from your house to work or how many calories you have burned while jogging or playing basketball. Q18 has a great and intelligent anti-theft system.

When your watch and smartphone are separated by 10-15 meters, an alarm will go off making it easy for you to find lost or stolen device. Sleep monitoring app is also worth mentioning as it gathers the data of your movements and knows when you are in deep and when in light sleep and it sounds the alarm accordingly.

Last words – what it is and what it is not:

Q18 watch is a good piece of hardware. It will not win any prizes for the design nor it will be a must have for every tech geek out there. It is simple and well-built device targeting an average consumer. For this amount of money, in this day and age you simply cannot go wrong if you buy this smartwatch/smartphone hybrid.

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