Xiaomi Mi5: Five amazing features and specs we have been patiently waiting for

Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to be one of the hottest mobile devices to be introduced by the popular Chinese company. Too bad it cannot come soon enough. Regardless, we have underlined five amazing features that we expect are going to be present in the mobile powerhouse. Let us get right to the bottom of this.

1. Top of the line hardware specifications


You guys knew sooner or later that this was going to be a part of our featured list. Xiaomi Mi5 is going to be a mobile powerhouse, which was expected from the company. After the overheating problem with Snapdragon 810, Snapdragon 820 is going to be present inside the upcoming smartphone. Manufactured on the 14nm FinFET LPP (low power plus) architecture, Snapdragon 820 promises to deliver everything that Snapdragon 810 was unable to do, and it is going to be able to do this without the need for an octa-core processor. Given below are all the core specification details of Snapdragon 820.


  • Up to 2.2 GHz quad-core (Quad-core custom 64-bit Qualcomm Kryo)


  • Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU


  • Up to 25MP
  • Qualcomm Spectra Image Sensor Processor (14-bit dual-ISP)


  • Up to 4K Ultra HD capture and playback


  • 4K Ultra HD on-device
  • 4K Ultra HD output
  • 1080p and 4K external display support


  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • Qualcomm WiPower wireless charging

LTE Connectivity

  • Snapdragon X12 LTE with Global Mode
  • LTE Cat 12/13 (up to 600 Mbps DL 150 Mbps UL)
  • Up to 600 Mbps, 256-QAM DL
  • Up to 150 Mbps UL, 64-QAM UL

Carrier Aggregation

  • 3x20MHz DL, 2X20MHz UL
  • Global Mode
  • LTE FDD and TDD
  • EV-DO and CDMA 1x
  • Additional features include:
  • LTE/Wi-FI link aggregation
  • LTE-U
  • LTE Broadcast
  • LTE Dual SIM, Dual Active (DSDA)
  • HD Voice over 3G and VoLTE
  • Wi-Fi calling with LTE call continuity


  • Qualcomm VIVE 802.11ac
  • 2×2 MU-MIMO
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi


  • Qualcomm RF360 front end solution


  • Qualcomm IZat Gen8C


  • Qualcomm Haven Security Suite:
  • Qualcomm SecureMSM hardware and software
  • Snapdragon StudioAccess Content Protection
  • Qualcomm SafeSwitch theft prevention solution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Smart Protect


  • UFS 2.0
  • eMMC 5.1
  • SD 3.0 (UHS-I)


  • LPDDR4 1866MHz dual-channel

Process Technology

  • 14 nm


  • USB 3.0/2.0


  • Bluetooth 4.1


  • Supported

With so many features present inside just a chipset, Xiaomi Mi5 is going to be one flagship that we are all waiting to see.

2. Fingerprint plus IRIS scanner

Fingerprint scanners in Android smartphones have become extremely common, to the point that hacking them is plain and simple for those who have sufficient knowledge regarding this. UMi Iron Pro adopted this security setup and we are also hoping that Xiaomi Mi5 ends up sporting the same features. While this will satisfy the requirements of those who are extremely paranoid over the data present inside their smartphone, there are other things that the smartphone’s security features will be able to fulfill as well.

iris scanner

There could even be an option for users to start making online payments through their smartphone, and with Android Marshmallow 6.0 expected to be running on Xiaomi Mi5 (running on top of the company’s custom MIUI interface), there is going to added security, which is much needed on a vulnerable operating system like Android.

3. Force Touch tech

Just like Apple’s iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and Huawei Mate S, Xiaomi Mi5 is also expected to sport a new Force Touch tech, which will allow users to trigger a bunch of functions by pressing the screen of the smartphone with a varied amount of pressure.

Force Touch

There could also be an option to trigger multiple functions depending on the pressure applied on the screen, but we are going to have to wait for the smartphone to actually be announced in order to confirm this.

4. 4K video recording at 60FPS

Camera sensor 1

All high-end smartphones are limited to recording 4K videos at 30FPS. While that is impressive, it is high time that flagship smartphones shifted to the 5th gear and came out with camera sensors that could easily record 4K videos at a steady 60FPS. Previously, it was a matter of processing performance and limited sensor technology, but now thanks to company’s like Sony, (which owns the highest smartphone camera sensor market), OmniVision and Samsung, and several others, camera sensor technology is moving at a rapid pace. Xiaomi Mi5 possesses the necessary firepower to playback 4K videos, as well as record it, so we are hoping to see such a feature present in the upcoming flagship product.

5. Superior fast charging

Thanks to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, Xiaomi Mi5 is going to have its battery charged from 0-80 percent in just 35 minutes. However, the latest improvement from the charging technology does not necessarily mean that your smartphone’s battery will be charged to 100 percent in a very short period of time, because this will normally take place when the battery level is at low levels.


So if you are short on battery life, and if you have a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible charger, then your will never have to worry about battery issues anymore. Alternatively, we are also hoping to see wireless charging capabilities from Xiaomi Mi5. Though the charging time takes much longer as opposed to hard wiring a cable inside the smartphone’s port, it because extremely flexible for the user. Let us also hope that Xiaomi bundles a wireless charging pad for the smartphone.

Expected hardware specifications of Xiaomi Mi5

The following hardware specifications of Xiaomi Mi5 have not yet been confirmed, but here are our picks of what we believe will be present in the upcoming smartphone.

Attention: The internal data of table “26” is corrupted!

Xiaomi Mi5 is also going to carry a much smaller price tag in comparison to its other rival’s smartphones, which is definitely the reason why the company has managed to be successful all this time. While we do not have the release date of the smartphone, it is possible that the handset is going to be unveiled sometime during Q1, 2016. We will keep you updated on the latest specification changes, if we happen to come across them ourselves. As for us, we are waiting patiently for the grand unveiling for the aesthetically appealing and powerful smartphone, but it looks like we are going to have to wait for a longer period.

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