Which electric scooter takes the win: Xiaomi Ninebot Mini vs AOSDER Q3 vs AOSDER Q9V

When walking, running or jogging becomes too mainstream for you, then you have the option to purchase one electric scooter from the three that we are going to put up for comparison. However, which electric scooter is going to be the better model to purchase: Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini, AOSDER Q3, or AOSDER Q9V? Let us break all the specifications and features list down and find out.

Which electric scooter takes the win: Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini vs AOSDER Q3 vs AOSDER Q9V

Design and cosmetics

Generally, first impressions might not be the most accurate way to determine the quality or functionality of an electric scooter, but for majority of customers out there, it definitely makes or breaks their decision to purchase. Out of all the three scooters, we are definitely going to have to give the win to Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini primarily because it breathes the looks of an ideal, yet affordable electric scooter.

Plus, it also has a balancing handle present right in the middle, something that is not present in either of the two products, meaning that you will definitely have a tough time getting used to staying balanced on the remaining two electric motors. Despite the fact that AOSDER Q3 and AOSDER Q9V look great, the absence of the balancing handle will obviously put off several potential buyers, even though they cost less than Xiaomi’s product. We will obviously get to the price comparison of the scooter, but that will happen after we have detailed out all the rest of the features and specifications.



All three electric scooters weigh quite a bit and they will require a lot of effort on your side when you decide to open their packaging take them out for later use. Out of all the scooters, Xiaomi’s one might look the best, but it is also the heaviest, followed by AOSDER Q3 and of course AOSDER Q9V. All weight details of the scooters have been given below:

  • AOSDER Q9V: 4.5 Kg
  • AOSDER Q3: 12 Kg
  • Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini: 12.8 Kg


Maximum travelling distance

Let us come to the mileage section and see how much each electric can give you according to the battery that is present inside it. Since Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini has the highest battery capacity out of all the three products, it will be able to give the longest travelling distance, which according to the specifications sheet, is 22 Km. Compared to the others, AOSDER Q9V and AOSDER Q3 are able to provide the rider up to 5 and 10 Km respectively. However, the travel distance of Xiaomi’s electric scooter is only achievable under certain conditions.

According to the specifications sheet, it states that the battery life must be completely full before powering on the vehicle, and the rider must have a mass of 70 kg along with a 25°C ambient temperature, and 15 km/h average speed on a flat road. Only if these conditions are met, you will be able to experience the above mentioned distance. Having said that, it is also possible that you experience a much lesser travelling distance compared to the one stated above in the specifications sheet, but that metric will still be higher compared to the distance covered by AOSDER Q9V and AOSDER Q3.

Given below are maximum speeds that are achievable on each electric scooter.

  • AOSDER Q3: 15 km/h (with sufficient load) 20 km/h (without sufficient load)
  • AOSDER Q9V: 5km/h
  • Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini: 16 km/h


Maximum weight load

If you happen to weigh a few pounds higher than the average person, you could significantly reduce the life span of the electric scooter since these vehicles actually have a limit to the amount of weight they can carry. Surprisingly, AOSDER Q3 can support the highest weight on top of it; 120 Kg, while Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini can only support up to 85 Kg, followed by AOSDER Q9V, which has the lowest weight support of 60 Kg. So unless you happen to be more than a few kilos higher than the average person, we should recommend that you stick with AOSDER Q3, since it can support more weight, and is only a fraction more expensive than AOSDER Q9V. Given below are all the maximum weight limits of the electric scooters.

  • AOSDER Q3: 120 Kg
  • AOSDER Q9V: 60 Kg
  • Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini: 85 Kg


Extra features

Despite the fact that all three electric scooters bring something new, it is Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini that is the tech driver’s heaven since it is loaded with tremendous features with which you can improve your experience to a whole new degree. Since there are a ton of new features present in the electric scooter, we have decided to summarize them in the long list below.

Water resistant: The electric scooter satisfies the IP54 rating, which means that the vehicle can definitely be used when there are light showers of rainfall.

Several protection layers: Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini is able to protect the expensive circuitry by featuring sensors that monitor overpressure, under voltage, short circuit, overheating issues in order to prevent any accidents and keep the vehicle and driver safe from harm. It also has an auto sleep and awake function, and in order to see how healthy the battery is, there is also a test available for this.

Shock absorption mechanism:   The body of the vehicle comprises up of a high elasticity magnesium alloy along with a shock absorption foot pad that minimizes the shock received to the electric scooter when it bumps into a hard surface.

Smart system: The smart self-adapting learning algorithm of the electric scooter allows it drive according to the driver’s weight and history of his/her driving habits.

Since the remaining two electric two scooters do not have such features, Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini obviously takes the win here by a huge margin. Of course you will also have to pay for those extra features since the electric scooter costs a lot more compared to its rivals.


After looking at all the features of these electric vehicles, we have come to verdict that involves two winners. Firstly, if you are looking for superior build quality and have the cash to spend on an expensive electric scooter, then Xiaomi Mi Scooter Mini is definitely a winner in our books. However, if affordability and great features is what you desire, then we highly recommend that you go for AOSDER Q3. While AOSDER Q9V is a one-of-a-kind product, it does not quite match up to its two rivals, and is only $5 cheaper than the former, which does not translate it into a worthy product.

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