UMi stirring up immense amounts of trouble for Elephone

have to remove several obstacles from its path. One of them happens to be Elephone, which is the company’s closest rival in the smartphone industry. With the release of UMi Iron Pro, the company has not only announced a handset that packs impressive hardware underneath it, but it also features ‘top of the line’ security features that has dwarfed any security on every smartphone released till date.

With the announcement of UMi Iron Pro, the company has also announced several offers for Elephone P8000 users, which will range from exchanging their current smartphone and getting a 50 percent off on the retail price of UMi Iron Pro. Additionally, the company is also taking extreme measures to convince consumers that its Iron Pro is the best handset there is in its current price range. How? By asking them to smash their Elephone phone and record a video of it.

UMi stirring up immense amounts of trouble for Elephone

The company has stated that several lucky winners will win a free UMi Iron Pro in exchange for smashing their Elephone P8000 to bits. That’s not all that the company is offering; incase the individual does not end up being a lucky winner, they will still receive a 50 percent discount on the purchase of Iron Pro, if and only if, they can upload a video of Elephone P8000 being smashed to pieces.

UMi Iron Pro will also be available in a Rose Gold model, indicating that the company is equally concerned about providing consumers with beautifully crafted handsets as it is with stacking impressive components and features inside it. UMi Iron Pro has three security features, with a fingerprint scanner present at the rear side, coupled with an iris scanner and a voice recognition software that unlocks the device quickly.

UMi Iron Pro is up for pre-order at Geek Buying at a price of $178.99.


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