Luxury&Precision L5 PRO Pocket Hi-Fi Player is Beast of a Brick


Pocket Hi-Fi Players are very rare to come around, as they are a very nice set of products for audiophiles or hard core music listeners, who want to spend the extra money to go to the extra mile and enjoy super high quality music.


Luxury&Precision, a company that produces and markets super high quality Pocket Hi-Fi players just came out with the Luxury&Precision L5 PRO Pocket Hi-Fi player, which has the best audio output in a package that looks and feels like luxury and precision, just like the company’s name. The build of the LP5 pro is completely made of brushed metal and is very satisfying to look and feel with the amazing corner-cut design and the accurate machined body. This design looks familiar to the the Colorfly C4 and has a very retro feel to the whole device.

The Luxury&Precision LP5 pro has a 3.5-inch display with touch interaction and has a resolution of 800 x 480 Pixels. While the display isn’t the best one in these times, it does get the job done and saves a lot of battery power at the same time.


The front of the device has a brushed metal finish which does look premium and looks premium as well. At the bottom, below the display, engraved into the brushed metal is the logo of the company Luxury&Precision.


The back of the LP5 pro features a beautiful finished sheet of metal which again, looks awesome and premium. Luxury&Precision also points out that they are using 6 Series Magnesium Aluminum Allow with Integrated CNC Machining and the surface of the metal is Anodized and Sandblasted to make it look and feel premium from every way possible. The back of the device has the Luxury&Precision logo and at the bottom, there is the full company name and FCC details.


The Luxury&Precision L5 pro has three buttons at the top left corner, which are labeled C1, C2 and the lock button. The first two buttons C1 and C2 are programmable function keys which are pre-programmed as : C1 for back, and C2 as the Play/ Select button. The one with the Lock symbol is used for locking and waking up the device.


On the top right side, next to the three buttons, there is a ALPS professional smooth volume controller.


On the right hand side of the device, you’ll find three buttons. Which are used for playback, Play/Pause, next track, and previous track buttons. Which is really convenient, as you can control music without taking the device out of your pocked to change the track or play/pause the track.


All the Input and Outputs are located on the bottom of the device. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.5mm Line Out Port, Micro USB, and the Micro SD card slot. The LP5 can take up to 128GB Micro SD Cards. Which is a lot considering how large high-quality audio files can be.


Coming to the software, the Luxury&Precise L5 Pro has a number of options to control the audio output. However, there are many options in the software to control, keys, auto-shutdown, and also adjust music playback though the touchscreen.


As you have probably guessed from the images, the L5 pro is a pretty bulky device. The exact measurements are 123 x 63 x 16.9mm, and weighs about 217 grams. Which, while is pretty hefty for a pocket device, however, it is worth it for the experience one can get out of it.


The Luxury&Precision L5 pro outputs very high quality audio which is necessary for any Hi-Fi player of this nature. You just have to connect a good pair of headphones, or earbuds to enjoy the full Hi-Fi sound.

The Full Specifications of the LP5 are:

  • Dimensions: 123mm * 63mm * 16.9mm.
    Display: 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 800 * 480 low-temperature polysilicon glass color number 16.7M colors. ONCELL touchscreen technology, protective glass and fit the whole screen.
    Body and keys Materials: 6 Series aluminum-magnesium alloy, CNC integrated molding process, anodized surface Lasi Jia sandblasted.
    Key: Play pause, forward / back, volume knob button, hold button, two custom function keys.
    Audio interface: 3.5mm gold-plated headphone jack with shielded, 3.5mm line-out (LO) interface /3.5mm coaxial digital output interface, USB DAC interface.

    The basic hardware configuration:

    Master: 1812C
    DAC chip: AKM latest generation VERITA 4490 (DAC supports sampling rates 32BIT 768KHZ, DAC supports up DSD256)
    Crystal: 1PPM TCXO
    Op amp: 1812O double crown amp: 1812A single crowncoprocessor: 1812M supports up 32BIT decoding and hardware solutions of various power management chip DSDformat: 1812P
    Professional volume chip: CS3310
    PCB: 6 layer 3U Jinya Guang Shen black inductance: Taiyo Yuden closed electromagnetic inductance capacitor filter: ultra-low ESR MLCC Murata X7S 6.3V100UF
    Key: Alpine long life are the key built-in storage: 16GB / 32G, Micron long life dual channel FLASH, endurance of about 50 times the life time: about 12 hours chargingvoltage and current: the charging voltage 5V, the charge current must be greater than 500mA, 1.5A charging current recommended above, in order to obtain the fastest charge rate.


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  1. What kind of review is that,You never even listened to it to test how it sounds,which is what expensive audio players are all about ”the sound ” . Unless you actually have one to test then this review is pointless

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