UMi Iron Pro, World’s Most Secured Smartphone Specs Leaked with Helio X10 MT6795

Android  is  not the most secure mobile factors today. UMi  iRon Pro is a  smartphone that belongs to a Chinese company that aims to enter the market with a product that will safeguard the privacy of the users of its devices worldwide. It, for this reason, that the firm is unveiling the new smartphone with three unique  security features.
The UMI IRON PRO will be the successor of the older UMI-IRON. The design of the two smartphones seems to be almost the same. However, the UMI IRON PRO will have U.S.B. TYPE C and also a fingerprint  scanner on its rear side. In addition, it will have the notification L.E.D. on the front.

It seems that the UMi Iron Pro will physically look similar to the current Iron. However, it will get a single piece rear panel. The current UMi iRon has a metal main body with plastic at the bottom and top, the pro  has a single piece. The UMi Iron Pro will also come with an eye-scanner running on the front camera. The display specifications are the same as the first model. The device measures 5.5 inches with 1920 x 1080 display. The L.E.D. notification bar at the bottom is retained.


From the latest leaks we got about this device, the SOC is actually MT6795 chipset.

Generally, the specifications are really a successor of the original UMi Iron.  The MT6795 could bring a better experience compared with the original UMi iron. But if the price of UMi iron pro will be the same as UMi iron($169.99), it could really be good phone to buy for it’s unique security features. In the long-run it boils down to the price, the smartphone will be made for the market and affordability is a key thing if it is to penetrate markets worldwide.

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