Razer Kraken Pro headphone with retractable microphone-best for gaming

Razer had announced the update of its popular headphone Kraken Pro a few months ago. Many news sources said that the improvements mainly involve reducing the weight, going towards light weight design to provide comfort to on ears while using headphones for a audio marathon. We have a sample unit of Kraken Pro in our hands, we are going to tell our first impressions through doing Razer Krazen Pro analysis.

Other than the Krazen Pro being updated to support long usage time, it now has a retractable microphone that can literally hide and never be seen. You can use the Kraken Pro smartphone while you are on the go without being strange with a microphone coming out when you are only listening to music. The razer consists of a small control on the cable that can help the user to quickly mute the microphone or to increase or decrease volume.

But the best thing about these headphones is the powerful speakers that are 40mm in diameter and made of neodymium magnets to deliver crisp and clear sound with the deep bass effect. Moreover, as earmuffs have a closed circumaural design they effectively isolate the outside noise, and make them ideal for use in noisy environments (in fact many professional sportsmen choose the Kraken Pro headphones to be entertained while working out in the gym or for relaxation in the dressing room).


Razer Kraken Pro -009

The Razer Kraken Pro headphone being crafted with neodymium speaker magnets are capable of delivering frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz (normal) and its microphone is able to capture sounds between 100 and 10,000 Hz frequency range with a signal to noise relationship ratio of 52 dB. The microphone is specially designed to make communications clear. Although the microphone does not have the active noise-canceling feature it is unidirectional and thus only captures the sounds from the direction it is facing and not the ambient noise (I have always wondered why most manufacturers dont use unidirectional microphones in headphones or for PC ).

One thing that I noticed is that the cable connecting the minjack connector is only 1.3 metres. This length of cable is insufficient if you want plug the headphone into PCs but Razer provides an extension cord that adds up 2 meters and makes connection to the PC easier. And of course the 1.3 meters of cable is ideal for connecting headphones to the phone and it wont leave long cable hanging.

Razer Kraken Pro headphones are available in three colors Black, Green and White. You can buy any of these on for $59.99



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