Xiaomi Mi Band/10000mAh Powerbank and More on Sale for $9.99 on GetOne App

GetOne, a fairly unknown shoping application, is having a sale on the Xiaomi Mi Band and selling it at just .99 . GetOne is an app that finds the best deals on a particular product, and the main target of this app is to find the lowest price of wantedparticular product on a daily basis so that the maximum price will be .99 or beyond that. You can download application for iOS or Android from GetOne.



This offer is only limited to five days, and due to very high demand there are only 100 Xiaomi Mi Bands left in stock. So, better hurry up! There are a lot of other products on sale as well like the Xiaomi 10000mAh powerbank etc on sale as well. If you don’t know what the Xiaomi Mi Band is, it’s a Fitness Tracker/ Sleep Tracker that you can wear on your wrist or around your neck. The Xiaomi Mi Band lasts close to 30 days on a single charge, and offers military grade technology to ensure accurate tracking of fitness data. Xiaomi has priced the Mi Band just right, so that everyone can afford it, and because of that they have managed to ship over Six Million Units worldwide. The Xiaomi Mi Band has a companion Android App to monitor and save all the fitness tracking data, and also has integration with Google Fit.


The GetOne app offers any particular product that you search for, and if it’s listed, you can buy it for $9.99, but, only while stocks last! So, hurry up!

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