Ulefone Releases Be Touch 2 and Paris rom Updates


After two months of work, Ulefone was finally able to release an update to solve the fast-draining problem on Ulefone Be Touch 2 yesterday. Almost the same time, the first update for Ulefone Paris was also released even though the Presales are still ongoing.


Ulefone says on its official blog that they encountered overwhelming difficulties in fixing the battery problems and were forced to delay the update for Ulefone Be Touch 2 once and again. However, they seem quite confident with the new software, expecting it to be a once-for-all solution. They also notify users to fully charge and drain the phone 2 times for the new software to record the drainage curve. Other items in the change log involves earpiece volume and some pre-installed apps like the U-launcher.


Updates for Ulefone Paris is mainly aimed at improving battery consumption during standby. And the company plans to release 2 software versions over the 5-inch device in the month to come. It seems that they have made their mind to build a real excellent stuff.


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