Conventional TVs has not as much services as the whole internet has. You can not only go on or social networks or your favourite websites, but also and watch films and media contents.

MXIII Pro Android TV is a smart TV platform permitting users have access to the Google Play Store. You can download Android apps, including media streaming services Netflix and Hulu, as well as games.

It can be easily connected to your TV so you can watch tons of new materials directly from your couch or use as a PC.

So it’s time to understand how it works!


Unpacking & Design
Package wieghs 0.650kg (1.43lb.). Once we open it we find 1 x TV box, 1 x Remote control, 1 x HDMI cable and of course 1 x Power adapter.


MXIII Pro has got a powerful sleek designed style and it has only one colour available (black).
Concerning inputs, it supports 3 USB Host, 1 SPDIF, 1 SD Card, 1 RJ45 10M/100M  and 1 DC Jack. So it could be used for large range of activities over media contents.

More over, wireless connection supports  ap6330 Wifi Connectivity, Ethernet 10M/100M/1000M and Bluetooth 4.0. You can connect a lot of interesting device to improve your experience with MXIII Pro.

Controlling the box with the Smart iRemote results in a fast surfing and fluid experience while we go through the menu.
This is possible thanks to the powerful dual band 2.4/5.0 GhZ WiFi Antenna. It improves your bandwidth and signal for faster streaming.



Interface and resolution settings

MXIII Pro is very easy to use for it is very similar to an android smartphone. In fact, once we turn the unit on we will have this default launcher.
You can choose between Online Video, My reccomend, Setting, My Apps, Local and Clean Memory.
In the lower part of the screen we find marked apps, which we downloaded from Google Play Store.
Therefore, menu interface can also be customized.


Now let’s take a look at MXIII Pro resolutions settings. It will help to have a barely idea on video performance.
Going through Option -> Resolution, you can set your personal video resolution.

To show you supported resolution you have to turn off the HDMI Auto Detect. By clicking on HDMI output you have the possibility to choose up to 4k2k resolution.MK III

We both played a game and a video to test his performance.
We did try a lot of games with very good graphics and found they all played with fine moves and without glitches.
It just freezed once while playing Asphalt 8 but it was caused by my bad internet connection.


Now we’ll talk about video and media streaming quality, which is the main charachteristic in this product.

First I opened Kido app, also known as XBMC, to access all media contents. It is a free and open-source media player software developed by the XBMC Foundation. Kido is already available as pre installed application on MXIII Pro.
So nothing to be installed, just run XBMC and you are done!


Once opened, you can choose between all kind of media contents (Movies, Videos, Music, Programs). That’s why we consider smart box TV as the w0rse cable tv enemy.

Videos plays very fine and we have never found any delay between video and audio or stopping images; a perfect video reproduction.

Now, We also tried  4K resolution, you can choose from the menu as we showed you previously in this review. We can only tell it works perfectly and smoothly!


Other Trivia

We’ve already told you can control MXIII Pro thanks to its Remote Control, which works great.
Now we see how this smart box works connectin mirroring devices.

We used Miracast, which is a pre-installed app that allows user to connect his device to MXIII Pro. Remember you can also download a simil use app from Google PlayStore.

We connected our tablet and found it has a double function.
You can use your device to stream contents on your TV or use it as a Remote Controller instead of it original one.


Thanks to KIDO|XMBC, MXIII Pro has a great feature which is mostly perfect for media streaming use.
You can attach personal network storage so you can see your own videos and movies. Without going on the internet you surely won’t get any eventual trouble with buffering.



System Specifications

MXIII Pro runs Android 4.4, a powerful firmware to work with. Enabled Amlogic Hardware acceleration allows any 720p, 1080p or 4k2k Videos to run smoothly.

Android Streaming Box is outfitted with an Amlogic S812 Quad center ARM Cortex-A9r4, Octo Core Mali 450-GPU, 2GB RAM and 8GB HDD inside capacity. Any 3D game or 4k Ultra HD motion picture perform without impediments.

Thanks to h. 265 compressing technology, MXIII Pro has the basic video coding for 4k, which is the minimum must-have for all Android Smart Box Tv.

The Mali 450 Octo Core 3D GPU processor provides the ideal (and high) performance for 2D/3D Games and ultra HD quality films.


Mkiii pro

  • Video supported: WMV / ASF / MP4 /3GP/ 3G2M4V / AVI / MJPEG /RV10 / DIVX / VC-1 / MPEG-2 / MPEG-4;
  • Audio supported: MP3 /WMA /APE / FLAC / AAC / OGG / AC3 / WAV;
  • Picture Supported: JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG / TIF;
  • Other Functions: Support Google Play & APK install, DLNA and Miracast Protocol.

Data Storage storage works with any problems with eMMC storage.
It has a reading-write speed 3 times stronger than average smart boxes.  Data managment won’t lose program and you’ll have a great control through device lifecycle.


Final Verdict
We tested almost every aspect of this android smart tv box, from design to its technical performance. Let’s find final verdict.

  • Appearance: 9 out of 10
  • Button placement: 8 out of 10
  • Interface experience: 7 out of 10
  • Video quality: 9 out of 10
  • Remote control performance: 7 out of 10
  • Gaming performance: 6 out of 10
  • Price/performance ratio: 9 out of 10
  • General Judgement: 7 out of 10

Everything on MKIII Pro works great. if you are tired of cable TV this is your product.
Considering all the amount of supported devices, You can also use as your PC or gaming console.
Google Play Store gives you the possibility to download hundreds apps fitting your personal needs.
As you saw, MKIII Pro has lots of use and his very low price makes it availabale to everyone!

Buy from for $56.99 – Only for 6 days!







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