SOCOOLE W08 Smartwatch phone review – MTK2502 IP68, Android 4.4

Have you ever dreamed of a digital smartwatch which enhances its functionality beyond timekeeping?

The SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone is here to give you that feel. Saying that this smartwatch enhances the functionality beyond timekeeping would be an understatement. This smartwatch phone does more than that. In fact, a lot more. Being priced at a little less than the K8 3G smartwatch which we reviewed under the K8 3G review handle few days back, this device carries all the functionalities necessary to impress you at the first sight. As the name suggests, this device features full mobile capabilities with allowing you to make or receive phone calls as per your convenience. Skim through this SOCOOLE W08 Smartwatch phone review and feel enlightened!

Buy the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone from for $108.00
The SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone
The SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone

The first impressions of this device were more than just impressive. Priced at $108, the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone is definitely the next step in the smart watch phone evolution. With its stunning display comprising of the totally waterproof screen which happens to be capacitive, this device amazes you and strikes as the front runner in a wide range of smartwatch phones at the very first sight!

The applications of the device
The applications of the device

Let’s begin initially with enlightening ourselves with an overview of the services offered or the features provided by the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone. To begin with, the initial offerings such as the device being shockproof, waterproof as well as dust proof are bound to attract an inquisitive manner. One point worth noting is that this device runs only on GSM networks as it gets unlocked for worldwide use.

The overview of the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone

This device lives up to all the expectations which in turn transcend its level by taking it to a whole other level while giving it the stature of the next best thing. The 1.54 inch touch screen, which as mentioned is waterproof as well as shock and dust proof supports extra responsiveness and adds to the scope of the device tremendously.

The structure of the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone
The structure of the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone

Moreover, this device has the latest wearing chip set with consumes low power thus increasing the device’s sustainability greatly. The SOCOOLE W08 is fully compatible with iOS as well as android coming with the Android 4.4 version within or the iOS 7.0 if you possess an Apple device. The strap material on this device is also a major factor in making it highly rough and tough. Further details to the robustness of the device would be discussed in the subsequent sections.

Other major highlights worth mentioning include the Siri voice call feature which comes integrated within the device. There are features such as the sound recorder and the alarm along with the calendar as well as the Bluetooth. Also, there’s a personal trainer which keeps a track of your heart rate and monitors your day to day activities. Now, lets dig deep into each of these functionalities offered by the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone, domain wise.

The core hardware  

Well, the CPU in this device is the MediaTek’s MTK2502c which is sufficient to meet all the demands. Actually, it is more than sufficient and what adds to the benefits offered by this device is the fact that this processor doesn’t require much power. Thus, this device is by all means a low-power consuming device which broadens its functional scope widely.

The core specs associated with the device
The core specs associated with the device

The RAM and the ROM on this device’s phone stand at 128 MB and 64 MB respectively. The processor used in the core is Cortex-A8 by ARM. An important aspect which we almost missed to encompass under the hardware handle was the strap on this smart watch.

The SOCOOLE W08's applications
The SOCOOLE W08’s applications

Now, the fact that the strap is of the TPU band is German imported already makes the watch sound classy but well, that’s not all. The strap is made up of Bayer Poly carbonate and a 304 Stainless steel buckle which is the major underpinning as to why the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone is so robust.  Well, that’s all from the domain of hardware. All we can say is that this device tightly packs a plethora of features when it comes to the hardware and does that in style at an affordable cost.

The Display

The display on the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone is commendable on all accounts. The screen type on the display is IPS capacitive thus pounding the device with all the features of a true decent-end smart phone. The screen size happens to be 1.54 inch LCD which is just ideal for a device which serves this purpose.

Tracking parameters which determine your health
Tracking parameters which determine your health

The resolution of the SOCOOLE W08 smartphone measures 240×240 which is decent enough for a device which serves the purpose of both, a watch as well as a smartphone. When it comes to the display, the major highlight would be the IP68 waterproof capability of the device. The device is also dust proof as well as shockproof.

We would have moved to the camera section but quite unfortunately, the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone doesn’t have a camera. So, let’s move on to the connectivity-support section nonetheless.

Network and Connectivity support

GSM as well as the Bluetooth wireless connectivity features are supported by this smartwatch phone. The network type supported by the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone is GSM at frequencies of 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz.

Activities you can perform
Activities you can perform

This smartwatch phone has a single SIM card slot. This slot supports Micro SIM. Also, the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone has a Micro USB slot. The connectivity support for speakers is also there.

Side offerings on the plate

On the side, this SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone review will take you places. This device has support for over a dozen languages thus expanding the kinds of customer base which can relate with this device and invest in it accordingly. The most basic additional features which you get with almost every other smart phone would be the sound recorder, the support for Bluetooth as well as calendar, people and many others.

Sleep monitoring
Sleep monitoring

You get to enjoy splendid music anywhere, anytime via. the music player within the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone. First among the series of various features offered would be the sleep monitoring feature by means of which, you can carefully monitor your sleep. This device also has a pedometer. The pedometer performs the task of recording your steps as well as counting the distance.

Some other features

The device also features a sedentary reminder which facilitates you to develop scientific habits and in the process, effectively develop sub-health. There is also a heart rate monitor which keeps a check on your heart rate and displays it while you perform your workouts.

The remote capture feature allows you to control your device’s camera via. your watch provided your device’s camera has been switched on in advance. The SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone has dual Bluetooth 3.0 as well as 4.0. The SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone can be 1 to 3 meters waterproof for a duration of roughly 30 minutes.

The remote capture feature
The remote capture feature

Another integral feature worth heeding is the presence of a high precision photoelectric sensor which is comprised of green-light and enables you to track real-time heart rates in both statistical as well as in a dynamic manner.

The sensors integrated within the device include the Gyroscope as well as the acceleration sensor. Abilities such as the 3axis, 3D acceleration, step analysis, sedentary remind as well as heart rate monitoring are facilitated by these sensors.

The battery specifics

The battery embedded within the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone is rechargeable and measures 300mAh being made of lithium.

The standby time associated with the battery is roughly 96 hours. The working time on the other hand is roughly 48 hours.

Important caveats

You must know that the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone comes compatible default with the iOS 7.0 and the Android 4.4. Also, you must know that the remote capture feature is specifically for the android system and so is the music player function.

The music player feature
The music player feature

The Bluetooth push message feature allows you to check and read real time messages from means of social media such as the facebook or WhatsApp. In order to answer a phone call, you can shake your device. On the other hand, you can flip the main menu by shaking it. In order to check the time, you can simply flip your SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone. We intend to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone via. this SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone review.

Our Final Take

As you can guess via. the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone review, the device truly is a masterpiece in its cheap price range of approximately  $110. The USP of this device by all means is it’s display as well as its robustness. It’s ability to resist damages associated with water as well as dust and shock add to the overall reputation of the device by all means. All smartwatches these days have a lot of expectations to live up to and as this device arrives in the markets for public display, it satisfies almost all segments of the crowd with occasional uproar being witnessed about the devices limited functional scope. The SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone tries its best to live up to each expectation by delivering the quality services in the best manner possible.

Buy the SOCOOLE W08 smartwatch phone from for $108.00
The reminder
The reminder
  • Build Quality: 9 out of 10
  • Appearance: 9 out of 10
  • Quality of the strap : 8 out of 10 (The strap is really robust and the material of which it is made adds to the longevity of the device in the best possible manner)
  • Button placement: 8 out of 10
  • Interface experience: 9 out of 10
  • Display quality: 8 out of 10
  • Price/performance ratio: 9 out of 10
  • Camera performance: 8 out of 10
  • Battery performance: 9 out of 10

To summarize in a line, “This smartwatch phone expands the scope of a digital watch beyond ones expectations by turning itself into a device which integrates almost all the functionalities associated with a smartphone with the smart watch”.

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