SOOCOO S70 Action Camera Review

Are you in love with both extreme outdoor sports and action filming? Are you looking for an action camera with a very reasonable and accessible price? SOOCOO S70 is everything you need to film yourself with high-quality videos.
It is compact, reliable, easy to carry and It is available at a very good price.
S70 works with a Novatek 96655  chip and Aptina 0330 image sensor so it seems there aren’t any new-working components in it. In fact, image sensor seems to work better like the old Sony 322 s60 camera.

Even if SOOCOO S70 could seem a medium range action camera, let’s try it togheter to understand all his innovative features!

You will receive your your SOOCOO S70 in a very comfortable and nice designed black bag. This incredible bag allows users to carry their personal camera with no problems.






SOOCOO design is very minimal and compact. Its front side is black with a squared pattern all around the lens and a flashmode button while on back side there is an orange grip sorrounding camera screen.

Grip is ergonomic and easy to use, and has got 6 buttons to go through camera Menu. We have Zoom, Copy and Ok buttons on the left side, Flash and Up or Down arrows buttons on the right. We also have a USB and HDMI input.  Remember that USB cable can be also used as recharger.

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There are lot of great accessories within the box that make sure buyer has all his needs satisfied without spending anymore money in extra accessories.
The first four are of common use and they don’t need a detailed specification; we are talking about User Manual, EU Power Recharger, USB and two, one Screw 3M double-sided adhesives. Remember to buy a Micro Sd memory because it is not included in accessories.

Other elements are very important for everyday filiming.

There are some combinable poles on which you can place your SOOCOO S70 and film on a stationary surface.

Then there is a special bike base fitting sport and bike trips lover enthusiast needs that can be placed on bicycle handlebears.


By the way, if you don’t like this method you can still use the exclusive elastic strip to install your camera directly on your arms!


Of course, battery is included in the pack.  It is a 1050 mAh battery allowing about 2 hours non-stop filming, which performance above the average. What is really important is that SOOCOO S70 battery is detachable and rechargable, so you can carry extra-batteries with you to extend recording time.


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Also the camera comes with a two buttons watch remote control that transmits with the camera by radio frequences. This is a very smart designed accessory for two main reasons.
First, wearing a remote control as watch makes it much more comfortable and it is less likely to be lost than other remots.
More over, using simple radio frequences ensures that battery will use less energy power (contrary to Wi Fi).
With Remote Control you will play, stop or record just by pressing one of two dedicated buttons.




Camera & Display
You won’t need any extra waterproof case because SOOCOO S70 has an integrated waterpoof case that resists up to 60 metres depths.
Camera pixel is 10MP and F/2.0 with a 4X digital zoom and a 170 degrees wide angle, which creates more engaging footage.

S70 records on MOV format video with a resolution of both 1080P (1920 x 1080) and 720P (1280 x 720) .
You can also take photos which will be saved as JPEG images with a 12M (4032 x 3024), 10M (3648 x 2736) and 2M (1920 x 1080) resolution.


The display is a 1.5 inches LCD display with a very important feature. In fact, screen allows you to not only navigate throughout camera menu to change settings but also to preview the shot you are taking.
This is a very important feature not all cameras have because taking a shot with a wide angle device could be diffuclut without a preview.


Thanks to its double flashlight, you can also not only use the camera as recorder but also as a security light while riding a bike or a motorbike.
Flashlight will cycle in three flashmodes by pressing the button on the front left side of the camera. They are High, Medium and S.O.S modes (intermittently light)

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Main settings and functions
has a lot of shooting settings to make your experience the best with a very basic and simple interface.

Exposure is controlled automatically with an exposure compensation menu that available from +0.0 to -3/2.


There is also a Cyclic Record setting that will record for two, five or ten minutes and then recording again. So if you need more than one same-lenght videos to be done automatically, this is the function you were looking for.


You can also custom Withe Balance and allows you to set the most accurate and precise personal White Balance level in any light condition. You can choose from Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent or Underwater balancing.


Other Trivia

You can use the Wi Fi on the camera to connect the device to Soocoo S70 app. So you can yous your smartphone as remote control with a simple tamp and as view finder. You can also use your phone to change setting on the camera or to pass video and photos from S60 MicroSD directly to your phone!


Final Verdict on SOOCOO S70 action camera

  • Appearance: 8 out of 10
  • Button placement: 8 out of 10
  • Interface experience: 6 out of 10
  • Display quality: 7 out of 10
  • Price/performance ratio: 9 out of 10
  • Camera performance: 7 out of 10
  • Battery performance: 6 out of 10
  • General Judgement: 7 out of 10

We focuesd our attention on every aspect of this camera, from design to its technical performance and we found it is a great product.
Everything on SOOCOO S70 looks great and, considering all the amount of accessories included in its comfortable bag, it is a very good product.
It would be a really great deal considering its cheap price for all outdoor sport lovers or for those who just simply wants to film their personal moment.

Buy from for $109.99 Buy from for $127



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