DW360 Smart Watch compatible with Android and iPhones

Technology has advanced very fast over the last 15 years. Now a small gadget with the size of a watch can do all the core functions found in a Smartphone, GPS, Security System and other devices. And of course they have their ingenious features for users as well.

Few years ago Moto 360 or Apple Watch were the only popular Smart Watches in the market. But now there are many other Smart Watch providers who offer much better products at competitive prices.

Last week, I spoke about the Ulefone uWear and we found it to be similar to iWatch. Now I’ll introduce the twin Motorola model, DW360 Smart Watch. This is a type of smart watch that is packed with numerous possibilities. It can surely become your faithful companion in every day life.

Design of the DW360 Smart Watch

Am a big fan of circular watches. If you have some form of similar DNA like me, DW360 could be attractive to you as well. Like many critics have posted in forums, the screen of the watch is slightly smaller than other popular watches in the market. It spans over 1.2 inches but is clearly readable. You’ll get used to it very soon. The outer design of the glass and the inner LCD screen is elegant and appropriate for any situation. The glass on the screen has a slight bulge that enhances the comfort of touching it. To turn the screen ON, all you have to do is simply move your wrist. Within a fraction of second it lights up and becomes visible. You don’t have to keep aside any object you are holding to manually activate and look into the screen.

When it comes to the design, I think the designer was inspired to make a traditional watch smarter. It has a classic watch design. It has a stainless steel sphere and a leather strap that always has been used in the watches for a long time. The belt width of DW360 is 22 mm and has a diameter of 16-22. The overall weight of the watch is 51 grams which makes it a light weight piece.

On the right side, the watch has a wheel that acts as a return to home or a power button. Whereas on the left side it has a hole Reset. The time display on the watch is done in three designs. All of these are quite modern in looks.

DW360 is now available in three color combinations, Black Dial and Black belt, Dial Silver and Black belt and Golden sphere and run Brown.

Technical specs of DW360 Smart Watch

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All the specs are really attractive, but where does such a sophisticated watch find its use in our everyday life?

One of the best liked features of DW360 is the alert notifications from emails and social networks. While you are wearing it, without having to open the browser on the phone you get notified instantly when new emails or messages come into your inbox. To make this functionality even more useful, the device is designed to be compatible with 4.3 Android and iOS 8.0. This opens up the range of connectivity between the watch and other modern electronics we use everyday.

Also the powerful Bluetooth 4.0 function allows a user to control music and operate camera in real time. So the watch is not only limited to receiving notifications but can also help you to manage the everyday tasks better.

All of this is fabulous, but if you ask me for what is a smart watch actually made for, my answer would be for living a better life. It brings me to another aspect of DW360 or smart watches in general, the pedometer. It can record data related to speed, time, distance traveled, calories consumed etc. So for people who are trying to lose weight or want to stay fit, DW360 is an invaluable device to have. Here is an another interesting thing about smart watchers. They even track your heart rate and remind you when your body gets sedentary. Like my dad says, it’s time to wear sneakers and run pal.


Finally, another important benefit of Smart Watch comes from the sleep monitor.Most of us do not give much attention to our sleep habits. But it plays an important role in keeping us in good health.

No.1 Sun S2 Vs. No.1 S3 Vs. DW360

It is very true that DW360’s design is much similar to Moto360 but when we look at the specs of S3 No.1 and No.1 Sun S2 both of them can’t be left out.

DW360 and No.1 Sun S2 are both cheap Smart Watches. There is very less differences from one another, both have heart rate monitors, timers, calender, calculator and other alike functions. However, if there is any change it is with the Bluetooth version. DW360 uses Bluetooth 4.0 whereas No.1 Sun S2 still uses Bluetooth 3.0

No.1 S3 lacks in a lot of features compared to DW 360. It does not come with a heart rate monitor or camera. But it has something special that DW 360 does not have, its the SIM card slot that is useful when using the watch as a standalone device.

Many reviews usually end by saying, choose what is best for you or what suites your requirements. But I am not going to do the same here.  DW360 is way better than other smart watches we considered. I would confidently recommend you to buy DW360. You will never regret the decision.

Price and Availability of DW360 Smartwatch

DW360 is priced 58.6 dollars on gearbest. You can visit the site and check if there are any further discounts. Remember, to use coupons if there are any valid ones before you checkout.

Buy DW360 SmartWatch from Gearbest for $58.6

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