5 features of Xiaomi Mi4c that puts it on top of LG G4

After reviewing the 3GB RAM model of Xiaomi Mi4c, we thought it would be a great idea to briefly describe five features in which the mobile obscures G4. Some of you might already know those five features and some of you might not, but Xiaomi Mi4c holds many examples that manufacturers should take note of and implement them into their upcoming mobile machines.

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A resolution of 1920 x 1080

Some companies feel the need to fit in a 2560 x 1440 resolution in a display size that does not exceed more than 5.5 inches. While LG feels the need that it will help it to keep up with technology, having a higher resolution has major drawbacks. Starting off, it drains battery life much faster than a resolution that measures at 1920 x 1080 because of the extra work required put in by both the GPU and CPU in rendering the extra amount of pixels.

This would explain why games being played on smartphones with higher resolutions tend to lose out on performance because some of the hardware just cannot keep up with the intense visuals of the game. This is where Xiaomi has done a tremendous job and taken a step back with its Mi4c. They have limited the resolution to just 1080p because a Full HD one will not only look attractive on a smaller screen, the hardware will also be able to deliver above-par performance and higher battery life. For the most part, this is what people are usually looking out for in a smartphone.

Dual-SIM compatible


Despite their impressive hardware, some smartphones are only able to fit in one SIM card. Xiaomi Mi4c has a ton of flexibility available for you because it is able to fit in two SIM cards and the best thing about this feature is that users will not have to go through the trouble of reducing their cards’ sizes since the smartphone accepts both SIMs in their original size. LG G4 on the other hand, requires you to make that extra effort even after you have bought it, which is not something that should be done by the because it is not a cheap phone by any means.

A USB-C port that is also compatible with Quick Charge 2.0

OnePlus 2 came with a USB-C port and while it did not support Quick Charge 2.0 despite having a Snapdragon 810 chipset, Xiaomi Mi4c has this crucial feature, for the betterment of users thanks to having a Snapdragon 808. Xiaomi was also kind enough to bundle a charger that is compatible with Quick Charge 2.0, which will make a lot of customers happy.

5 features of Xiaomi Mi4c that puts it on top of LG G4

Now coming to the USB-C port, having it in a smartphone has several advantages over microUSB ports. For one thing, you will be able to experience increased data transfer speeds. The only drawback is that USB-C cables are quite expensive because this particular technology is yet to become popular across other platforms and devices. However, when it does, majority of companies will eventually forget about microUSB ports and its speed limitations.

All the latest wireless chips are present in Xiaomi Mi4c

Being a flagship smartphone, LG G4 features the same wireless connectivity options (expect for NFC) as Xiaomi Mi4c. However, one prime reason why the Chinese smartphone is able to gain a comprehensive lead against its nemesis is because it costs far less. To start off, Xiaomi Mi4c has an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip, a Category 4 LTE modem, Bluetooth 4.1 and an Infrared port all present under its 5 inch screen. Keep in mind that out of the all the wireless connectivity options available to you, the only category where LG G4 is the victor is when you are referring to its LTE modem (G4 has a Cat 6 while Xiaomi Mi4c has a Cat 4), and an NFC chip, which Mi4c does not possess.

Its unbeatable price tag for a Snapdragon 808 smartphone

Right now, Snapdragon 808 is the second fastest chipset belonging to Qualcomm, with a Snapdragon 810 being the fastest all thanks to its octa-core processor. Smartphones that come running with a Snapdragon 808 do not come with a small price tag but Xiaomi has managed to prove everyone wrong thanks to its low-cost business model. If you want to purchase a Xiaomi Mi4c from online retailers such as geekbuying.com and gearbest.com, then you will notice that the smartphone costs less than $300 (even for the 3GB RAM model) but has everything that a flagship phone comes armed with.


Xiaomi Mi4c is a great smartphone to purchase, especially if you have less than $300 in your budget. Sure, there are some things that the company should have added that would have definitely compelled us to have in our list (such as a card slot and a removable battery), but after looking at the price tag, we can hardly find an excuse to complain about these things.

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