We might not see a Helio X20 version of Meizu PRO 5 anytime soon

Meizu PRO 5 is a smartphone marvel released by the Chinese OEM. Not only does it have a processor running inside Exynos 7420 at the same frequencies as all of Samsung’s current generation flagships, but it also has better features compared to the latter. However, for those who were waiting to see a Helio X20 version of Meizu PRO 5, an analyst has some bad news for the public.

According to the company’s website the smartphone is only available to purchase in the Exynos 7420 model and that might not change anytime soon. Pan Jiutang has stated that Meizu obviously does not want its sales to suffer thanks to the release of a Helio 20 version. However, there is still some hope for those who have been anxiously waiting for the Helio X20 variant but you will have to wait patiently for 2016 to arrive before you can hear any follow-up of positive news.

We might not see a Helio X20 version of Meizu PRO 5 anytime soon

One of the major reasons why Meizu PRO 5 is not coming in a Helio X20 version is because MediaTek’s chipset is manufactured on the 20nm node, which is much higher than Exynos 7420, which is processed on 14nm FinFET, making it far more efficient, but much more expensive to manufacturer. With a Helio X20, the starting price of Meizu PRO 5 will be much lower compared to the pricing details of the newly announced smartphone version.

Irrespective, the handset is a much better device to purchase than any model of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 primarily because of its larger battery capacity, smaller resolution, and of course a microSD card slot with a maximum storage expansion limit of 128GB. When compared to Samsung’s flagships, no device has a removable card slot, which is perhaps the reason why the smartphone is unable to perform well in the market.

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