Samsung S Health App to Support All Other Android Smartphones

Technology to track health aspects and fitness levels is quite a craze nowadays and a lot of wearable devices have cropped up. However, you can very well use your Android tablet or smartphone to meet the same needs. Samsung has made it even easier for health and fitness conscious Android users with its latest move. The famous S health app, which was exclusive to select Samsung handsets, is now available to all Android device users. The devices should run Android Kitkat and later editions. Users can download the app and use it free of cost now.


History and origin of the app

The s health app made its debut 3 years back with the unveiling of the then flagship device of Samsung, aka the Galaxy S3. It was updated with the release of subsequent models in the Galaxy S lineup. The app was available in Play Store for the last few months, but so far specific Galaxy Handsets users were the lucky ones to use the app. The much touted S Health app is quite feature rich and its main function is serving as an activity tracker. It helps users keep track of their activities and movements on a daily basis and also helps them understand how close they are to the fitness goals.

Features and benefits

Users wondering how to get the most out of the app should first check if their phone or tablet is equipped with the required sensors to use all the features! This app also lets users monitor their blood oxygen measurement and heart-rate easily. The S health app has a nice graphical UI and it is simple to use too.

The other benefit of this app is that it is compatible with a few third party health apps and you can link it with those. Users can also connect third-party wearable devices and see the data on the S Health dashboard. This can be useful for those people who use a Samsung Gear S2 with a third party Android device.

Samsung’s aim as analyzed by industry experts

Users may be a little amazed and happy with the move of Samsung but industry experts are not exactly surprised. Samsung has never been content, relying on Google for various software services running on Android OS. In fact, it is trying to promote its own mobile platform Tizen to fight back the monopoly of Android. Besides, the company is also pushing its own mobile payment solution Samsung Pay which is pitted against Google Pay. The new move indicates the persistent efforts of the Korean technology giant to carve a niche for itself in the crowded Android segment.

Now that S Health app is open to all Android users literally, it will give Samsung a new way to reach out to a large part of Android users concerned about health. Of late, Chinese and Taiwanese rivals are eating into Samsung’s market share in Android segment. With this step, Samsung can offer its app to such users too. Now, S Health will battle it out with rival health and fitness apps like Apple Pay and Google Fit.

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