A detailed look at the MJX X300C quadcopter drone

0921 DroneHong Kong-based company MJX is well-known in the market for its radio products, but is also known for releasing toy cars, helicopters, and drones, such as the product we will be talking about right now – the MJX X300C.

A look at the box of the MJX X300C shows you everything you need to know about the drone, specifying all the features and components located inside the box.  The bottom portion tells you the color of the drone – in the example above, it’s a silver X300C we’re looking at.  There’s a plastic handle on the upper part of the box, which allows you to conveniently carry it around while on the go.

0921 Drone 2As for what’s inside the box, there’s a user guide in Chinese, as well as one in English, plus a warranty that covers both the drone and its accompanying accessories.  Aside from the X300C drone and the user guide, the box also contains a controller, four extra propellers, rubber support structures, a screwdriver with four screws, a battery, and a USB charger.

The appearance of the MJX X300C immediately tells you that this isn’t an ordinary toy quadcopter you’re looking at – it has a sweeping, futuristic appearance that sort of make it akin to a spaceship.  The color combinations, at least in the silver version of this drone, go together well, and allows you to tell which is the front and which is the rear; you’ll need to know those things, after all, when controlling the drone.

The X300C is also a very safe machine to operate, as its propellers are sufficiently protected from any form of accidental damage or unexpected event.  You can easily remove the propellers and replace them with the spares, should they go out of order for one reason or another.  Each of the engines come with four rubber supports, allowing for safe landings.

We found ourselves liking one of the MJX X300C’s features that set it apart from other drones in the market.  It comes with a wireless antenna baked in, allowing your smartphone to connect wirelessly with the device.  You can also place a battery inside the X300C with little hassle – the mechanism that allows for this is located near the on/off switch.  The battery compartment also has a wireless antenna hidden inside, located near where the 750 mAh battery is supposed to be placed.  Take note that the X300C requires only one battery, while other drones require as many as six.  Another neat feature is the HD camera integrated into theX300C’s body, located in its nose.  FPV, or first-person point of view, is another key feature related to the drone’s flight that allows you to see what the drone is seeing from the controller’s display, with help from the aforementioned HD camera.

gizlogic-tarántula-mjx-x300cComparing the MJX X300C with other popular quadcopters, it is substantially smaller and lighter.  To be specific, the X300XC weighs in at 310 grams and has dimensions of 47.5 x 47.5 cm.  That gives it an edge over the much larger Yizhan Tarantula X6, which also has a similar flight range of 100 miles or 10 minutes.  The Tarantula X6 does come with a 1,200 mAh battery to cover its larger dimensions, but the upside to owning the X300C is that it charges faster, at 70 minutes to the Tarantula’s 125 minutes.

There are many ways in which you can maneuver your X300C around with its 2.4 GHz remote control station.  Pressing the upper right button for two seconds will allow you to fly the drone in headless mode, which makes it easier for users to maneuver their drone regardless of its position.  Hitting the top left button sends the drone back your way when it’s in headless mode. The steering wheel allows you to keep power moderated while you’re trying to make the drone accelerate.
0921 Drone 3There are also some tricks that the MJX X300C can do, including acrobatic flips; the 3D flip button makes the drone flip forward, while hitting on throttle and moving the control stick back, left, or right makes it do more sophisticated aerial maneuvers.  You can also control the drone’s flight speed by choosing one of three modes – Slow, Normal, and Fast.

Overall, the MJX X300C may not be for everyone.  One key drawback is how the drone is hard to maneuver around in stronger winds.  But it does boast of a snappy design, an inexpensive price tag, and a wealth of features and specifications you won’t find on other products of this type.  The MJX X300C now sells on GearBest for only $48.29 USD.


gizlogic-laterales caja-mjx-x300c

gizlogic-drone y emisora-mjx-x300c

gizlogic-delantera y trasera-mjx-x300c


gizlogic-detalles drone-mjx-x300c




gizlogic-emisora 2-mjx-x300c

gizlogic-detalle emisora-mjx-x300c



gizlogic-one key-mjx-x300c


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