Teclast X98 Pro Vs Microsoft Surface 3: Can the Chinese tablet challenge this product?

Tablets running Microsoft Windows are not the cheapest products around, but consumers still spend a lot of money on them because they want to use and experience the environment of Windows, which is one of the smoothest and productive operating systems on earth. Now, we laid on eyes on Teclast X98 Pro, which happens to be a tablet carrying a price tag of less than $250, running Windows 10. However, can its hardware match that of Microsoft Surface 3 and still provide consumers with enough performance so they never have to complain about what they bought. Our comparison results will be the judge of that.


Processor configuration comparison


We are not going to go in to too much detail in this category and we have outlined the differences between Teclast X98 Pro and Microsoft Surface 3 when the chipset is taken in to account.

  • Teclast X98 Pro: Running Intel Atom x5-Z8500 (features a quad-core processor running at a maximum speed of 2.24GHz, with a base clock speed running at 1.44GHz)
  • Microsoft Surface 3: Running Intel Atom x7-Z8700 (features a quad-core processor running at a maximum speed of 2.4GHz, with a base clock speed running at 1.6GHz)

Teclast X98 Pro Vs Microsoft Surface 3: Can the Chinese tablet challenge this product?

Obviously, Microsoft Surface 3 will be able to deliver more performance to customers but you have to be observant that the starting price of the tablet is $499.00, which is more than twice the price of Teclast X98 Pro.


If you want to experience just a slight increase in performance after paying more than 50 percent of the price, then you should opt for a Surface 3, otherwise you can save a huge amount of cash and purchase a worthwhile accessory for Teclast X98 Pro. Given below are benchmarks to show the performance difference between the two chipsets.

RAM comparison

Teclast X98 Pro is only available to purchase in one model, while Surface 3 comes in a total of four. That single model is running 4GB RAM, while the starting model of Microsoft’s tablet comes with only 2GB RAM. However, if customers are willing to pay more for Surface 3, then they can not only increase their overall internal storage amount (which we will get to later on), but they can also increase the total amount of RAM. However, if you do decide to do this, then you will find that you will be paying three times the amount of Teclast X98 Pro, which is not exactly a smart decision.

Teclast X98 Pro

Screen size and resolution comparison

Teclast X98 Pro is slightly smaller compared to Surface Pro 3. The Chinese tablet has a screen size of 9.7 inches as opposed to the 10.8 inch screen of Surface Pro 3. However, the resolution of Teclast X98 Pro is much higher, and that is not necessarily a good thing since a very high resolution running on a smaller screen will put more load on the processor and will result in reduced battery life. Given below are the comparisons between the two products.

  • Teclast X98 Pro: 9.7 inch screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536
  • Microsoft Surface 3: 10.8 inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1280


Customers who want the extra size will no doubt settle with the Surface 3, but that will also mean that they are going to have to spend more than twice the amount just for the starting model of the tablet. If you want to be let off cheaply, with only a small reduction in screen size, then we strongly recommend that you purchase Teclast X98 Pro.

Internal storage comparison

In terms of storage, both tablets will provide you with sufficient amounts, with Surface 3 having a slight advantage over its rival thanks to the available of a fully functional USB 3.0 port. This USB 3.0 port can be used to insert pen drives and portable hard drives, which will grant even more storage to the user. In terms of internal storage, Surface 3 comes in two models; a 64GB one and a 128GB one (which is highly expensive) and it also has a microSD slot where users can insert a storage card up to 128GB in order to maximize their storage.

Teclast X98 Pro

In comparison, Teclast X98 Pro does not have a USB 3.0 or even a 2.0 port for that matter. Instead, it has a microSD card slot that can detect storage cards up to 128GB. Also, it has 64GB of internal storage, which will bring the grand total up to 192GB. While this amount is more than enough to satisfy your needs, Surface 3 offers more flexibility, so if you are willing to pay more for Microsoft’s product in order to get additional amount of freedom, you should purchase this tablet.

Wireless connectivity

One of the fundamental differences that hold Teclast 98 Pro and Surface 3 apart is that the latter comes with an LTE modem and a Wi-Fi adapter that satisfies speeds of the 802.11 ac wireless standard. Unfortunately, the Chinese tablet has neither an LTE modem, nor a high-speed adapter. It only has an 802.11 n adapter, but given the affordability of Teclast X98 Pro, the company has definitely forced to make some hard sacrifices.

Teclast X98 Pro

According to Microsoft’s website, in order to experience LTE speeds, make sure that the network is running on the following frequencies.

  • UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+: 850, 900, 1900, 2100MHz
  • 4G LTE: 700, 800, 850, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100,2600 MHz

Camera sensors

Due to Teclast X98 Pro’s affordable price tag, another reduction that the company was forced to make was in the camera category. Given below are the differences between two tablets.

  • Teclast X98 Pro: 5MP rear camera/2MP front camera
  • Microsoft Surface 3: 8MP rear camera with autofocus/3.5MP front camera

Battery capacities

Teclast X98 Pro has an 8,000mAh battery whereas Surface 3 has a 8,820mAh battery. You can obviously guess which tablet will be able to provide more battery life to the user.

Dual-OS booting capability in the Chinese tablet

Despite the fact that Microsoft Surface 3 is running Windows 10, Teclast X98 Pro offers customers one killer feature that is not present in the $499 priced tablet. According to the company’s website, users of Teclast X98 Pro will comfortably be able to switch from Windows to Android with a single key function, allowing them to switch between Google’s operating system and Microsoft’s. This feature will come extremely handy when users want to switch to Android for entertainment purposes, which has thousands of apps available on Google Play, then revert back to Windows when they want to resume their work mode.

Teclast X98 Pro

If you want to experience both software platforms on a single product, then there is no better tablet for you than Teclast X98 Pro.

Teclast X98 Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3: All pricing details comparison

Since there are too many models to provide a straightforward comparison, all pricing differences and details have been mentioned in the table below. After looking at this, we will move on to the hardware specifications table.

Teclast X98 Pro Vs Microsoft Surface 3: Can the Chinese tablet challenge this product?

Teclast X98 Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3: All hardware specifications comparison

Given below is a table in which you will clearly able to see the hardware differences between the two products.

Teclast X98 Pro

Teclast X98 Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Which tablet is the clear winner?

The hardware specifications of both products are equally impressive, but there can be only one winner, and after comparing both products, we have decided that Teclast X98 Pro wins this by a huge margin primarily because of its affordability and hardware to match that affordable price. Most importantly, the tablet comes with a slightly smaller battery capacity a dual-OS boot functionality, where users can opt to switch between Android and Windows whenever they feel like changing the pace and type of their activity.

If you have $240 in spare cash remaining, then we strongly urge you to purchase Teclast X98 Pro because this tablet has everything you could ever require from a high-performance product that carries an affordable price tag.

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