MediaTek takes the lead from Qualcomm in VoLTE certification

Qualcomm might be leading from the front with a high-market share percentage compared to the other chipset manufacturers, but its closest rival in the industry, MediaTek has started to catch up. The company has achieved this through VoLTE certification.

According to a source, MediaTek delivered a huge blow to Qualcomm after Zhu ShangzuJeffrey Ju, the General Manager of MediaTek Wireless Communication Business Unit had stated that the company was the first in China to receive a VoLTE chip certification.

We will wait to see how this will end up favoring MediaTek, but for now, the company will most likely have upset Qualcomm. Additionally, the Chinese market is one where price/performance handsets are sold the most, and the unfortunate part for Qualcomm is that not even its 20nm Snapdragon 615 is able to beat MT6752, which is capable of beating chipsets like Snapdragon 801. MT6752 has been made on the 28nm process, making it effectively cheaper than Snapdragon 615 to manufacturer.


This will lead to more smartphone manufacturers to opt for chipsets like MT6752, since it reduces overall costs to manufacture a smartphone. Additionally, the company’s Helio X20 has been made on the 20nm process, and is able to beat chipsets like Exynos 7420, which are processed on the expensive 14nm FinFET architecture.

So far, it looks like MediaTek has had things all figured out on how to beat its closest rival in the chipset industry.

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