Huawei Nexus benchmark leak shows that device will be running Android M

So far, there is very little news concerning the upcoming Huawei Nexus, other than the fact that it will most likely come running with nothing less than Snapdragon 810. However, the latest Geekbench benchmarking leak was able to show additional details of the smartphone. First off, Huawei Nexus is actually called Huawei Angler, and according to the screenshot (present below), the smartphone has been confirmed to be running Qualcomm’s high-end chipset, Snapdragon 810.

The benchmarking leak also reveals that Snapdragon 810 is going to be running a clocked down processor, which is the right thing to do, seeing as how the chipset’s poor design has caused smartphone to overheat rather quickly when a heavy application has been started. Though this will affect performance by a great margin, but it will still prevent Huawei Nexus from going to in to hibernation mode due to excessive overheating.

Secondly, the upcoming smartphone is going to be running 3GB RAM, though the leak did not specify what speeds the memory will be running at. Since there are less than three months remaining for 2016 to start, it is possible that the RAM present inside Huawei Nexus is running at DDR4 speeds. This little detail can only be found once more information has been leaked.

Huawei Nexus benchmark leak shows that device will be running Android M

Thanks to the reduced clock speeds of the upcoming device, the single-core and multi-core suffer from low scores, as you can clearly see in the image. However, there is one little detail that you will be thrilled to hear about. Huawei Nexus is going to come running Android Marshmallow, which is the latest mobile platform developed by Google.

Additional information from the source reveals that the smartphone is also going to feature a Type-C USB port. This particular port will have increased bandwidth, allowing users to enjoy increased data speeds when transferring files from their smartphone to a computer.

While there is no release date of Huawei Nexus, the handset could be unveiled next month. We will update you accordingly with the latest info.



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