Xiaomi teases something mysterious which will “Solve the most important problem in Life”

In addition to the release of the Xiaomi Mi 4C, the company is getting ready for new products in the coming weeks.

This evening, Brand Marketing Director at Xiaomi, posted on a Microblogging site Webio, saying

Next week, there will be a few surprises from Xiaomi, which are going to solve life’s most important questions

along with a picture of a stack of money.

In the comments for that post, many users are guessing that Xiaomi might be launching “Xiaomi Loans”. If a loas is ‘the most important issue of a life’, then this idea might be plausible.

We at XiaomiToday however, think that might not be the case; we will have to wait till next week to find out what Xiaomi officially announces.

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Source : Webio

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