Elephone P9000 is a $329.99 smartphone that will deliver a killing blow to Galaxy Note 5

Is a Galaxy Note 5 far too expensive for you to afford? Well, it looks like you will not have to spend so much money in purchasing a premium smartphone because Elephone has the perfect solution for you and it comes in just a $329.99 price tag. Elephone P9000 is the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone that will definitely deliver the killer blow to Galaxy Note 5. How exactly will it accomplish such a thing? Find out here.

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Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Chipset comparison

Despite the fact that Galaxy Note 5 features an Exynos 7420, Elephone P9000 takes it one step ahead by running MediaTek’s Helio X20, which is the world’s first 10-core processor. And it is not just any 10-core processor, but is running the following configuration (we have also added the processor configuration of Galaxy Note 5 for comparison purposes).

Elephone P9000

  • 2 Cortex-A72 processing cores at 2.5GHz
  • 4 Cortex-A53 processing cores at 2.0GHz
  • 4 Cortex-A53 processing cores at 1.4GHz

Galaxy Note 5

  • 4 Cortex-A57 processing cores at 2.1GHz
  • 4 Cortex-A53 processing cores at 1.5GHz


Elephone P9000 does not comprise up of any Cortex-A57 cores. Instead, the smartphone is running much more powerful and efficient Cortex-A72 cores that will easily excel in processing capabilities that Galaxy Note 5 fell short of achieving.

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: RAM comparison


Being both flagship smartphones, there is absolutely no difference here since both devices are running 4GB of RAM.

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Internal storage comparison

Smartphone consumers will definitely be purchasing a premium smartphone in order to stuff it with a lot of content. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 does not cater to consumers in this category all that well because it does not feature a microSD slot, and will only be available in the 32, and 64GB capacity models; storage which is too less to have in a premium device. One the other hand, Elephone P9000 might only have 32GB of internal storage, but it excels in one crucial feature; having a microSD card slot with a maximum capacity of 128GB. This is where customers will start losing the influence of Galaxy Note 5.


After all, if you are spending huge amounts of money on a flagship Android device, it should at least have an external card slot. In order to experience the highest possible performance from your device, it is highly recommended that you purchase a Class 10 microSD card from reputable companies such as SanDisk and Samsung, since these are the ones that deliver the highest amount of performance. Sure, they might cost slightly more than regular microSD cards, but the investment will be well worth it.

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Display type and resolution comparison

Galaxy Note 5 sports an AMOLED display while Elephone P9000 has an IPS panel. This is where Samsung’s flagship phone is finally able to excel in something because AMOLED type displays are much better than any other displays found in mobile phones. It pretty much trumps any display out there, which is also the reason why it is the most expensive to incorporate in smartphones. However, the resolution on Galaxy Note 5 is 1440p, which is not necessarily a good thing since a higher resolution will drain battery life much faster than a 1080p one, which present in Elephone P9000.


For screen sizes as small as the ones present in smartphones, there is absolutely no use going above 1080p, since it just drains battery life and forces the processor to be stressed more thanks to this adjustment. In our opinion, a 1080p resolution on smartphone screen is the ideal resolution to have; anything beyond that is just counted as overkill.

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Battery capacity comparison

Given below are the battery capacities of each smartphone.

  • Elephone P9000 – 3,100mAh
  • Galaxy Note 5 – 3,000mAh


Despite the fact that there is only a 100mAh difference between the capacities, there are other factors that will result in Elephone P9000 gaining a much higher battery life as compared to Galaxy Note 5. These factors have been listed below:

  • 1440p resolution of Galaxy Note 5: Not only does a 1440p display put more burden on the processor, it also stresses the battery life.
  • Cortex-A57 cores: While these processing cores no doubt deliver an impressive layer of performance, they consume far too much power, which naturally paved the way for Cortex-A72 cores, which are powerful and much more efficient.

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Camera sensor comparison

Over here, we believe that Galaxy Note 5 has exceeded Elephone P9000 for the second time and this is the reason why. Both handsets might feature the same 16MP rear camera sensors, but it is possible that Galaxy Note 5 features a better performing camera sensor, such as Sony’s IMX240 or Samsung’s ISOCELL. In comparison, it’s much more affordable rival might have an IMX230 camera sensor, but all of these details will be revealed later in the year. For now, if you are the kind of consumer who purchases smartphones because of the number of pixels their sensors hold, then Elephone P9000’s 16/13MP camera sensor will definitely suit your purpose.


Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Wireless connectivity comparison

Unlike Elephone P9000, Galaxy Note 5 has an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi adapter, while the former only has an 802.11 n adapter. If users purchase an 802.11 ac router, then they will be able to experience connections at longer ranges and at higher speeds on their Note 5. Additionally, Galaxy Note 5 also has a Cat 9 LTE modem, which has a maximum download speed of 450Mbps. In comparison, Elephone P9000 only has a Cat 4 LTE modem, which has a maximum download speed of 150Mbps. In real world scenarios, it will be quite difficult to reach such speeds, but we had to use them for comparison purposes.

Furthermore, Galaxy Note 5 is currently available in a single SIM variant, while Elephone P9000 is able to place two SIM cards for improved flexibility.

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Price comparison

Coming to one of the most important comparisons when choosing a smartphone, given below are the price differences between the two smartphones.

  • Elephone P9000 – $329.99
  • Galaxy Note 5 – $749 (for the 32GB model, 64GB will most likely be for $799)

Elephone P9000 is not only faster than Galaxy Note 5, but it costs less than half its price, which only makes it easier for you guys to see which product will be the better purchase.

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Hardware specifications chart comparison

Given below is a chart identifying the hardware that is present in both smartphones. This will provide a nice comparison for you guys when you want to see the primary differences between Elephone P9000 and Galaxy Note 5.

Elephone P9000 is a $329.99 smartphone that will deliver a killing blow to Galaxy Note 5

Elephone P9000 vs Galaxy Note 5: Final verdict

So which handset is the better product to purchase? After identifying all the hardware, we have compiled a comparison chart suggesting which component and specification was better in our opinion. Most of you might not agree with us, but according to the specification that will believe is better we have placed the better component with a green tick mark, while the less significant component has been marked with a red cross.

Elephone P9000 is a $329.99 smartphone that will deliver a killing blow to Galaxy Note 5

After looking at all the possible differences, we have found that Elephone P9000 is the much better product out of the two. The Chinese smartphone OEM might not be well known amongst the public, but if it continues to release handsets like these, then it is bound to become a very popular brand in a short period of time. If you are interested in purchasing Elephone P9000, then all you have to do is visit the Geek Buying link (link placed below) and place your order from there.

We are confident that you will not be left disappointed.

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One Comment

  1. P9000: after 10 days of use I am extremely unhappy about this telephone.

    It randomly changes the language I have set up. Everytime i light up the screen comes up with one of the 3 languages i speak.

    It sends tons of text messages in chinese to the recovery telephones i have set up.

    Keeps freezing and asking me for all the passwords again.

    In whatsapp, when i leave an audio message, it doesnt’ recognize my finger on the record button and stop recording randomly or keeps recording when i have already removed my finger from the screen….

    It freezes all the time !!

    it is a NIGHTMARE !

    Definetely not worth all the money i paid for it.

    I want to return it.

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