Xiaomi Mi4c will have one more feature apart its Type-C USB port

As you all know, Xiaomi Mi4c is the new smartphone that is going to be introduced by the Chinese smartphone OEM later in the month. The device is going to ship out in two models; one that will feature 16GB of storage, while the other one will have 32GB of storage. Keep in mind however, that the 32GB model is going to feature 3GB of RAM while the 16GB model is going to sport 2GB of RAM.

The 3GB RAM model is obviously going to be the better purchase but it will still cost more than the 2GB RAM one. Now, model details coming from Weibo suggest that the upcoming smartphone will not only have a Type-C USB port, but an infrared port as well, something that is uncommon in current generation handsets. We believe that Xiaomi will use the infrared port as a form of security feature, rather than a means of connecting two devices for transfer data across them.

We are going to have to wait and see what exactly does Xiaomi intend on revealing to us, when it is unveiled on September 24. As for the pricing details, we have come to know that while Xiaomi Mi4c is going to carry a price between $200-$220, it is expected to be much more expensive than Xiaomi Mi4i, which is possibly one reason why the company has decided to keep limited units of it. We have also done a comparison post, in which we weigh the pros and cons of Redmi Note 2 and Mi4c and see which handset is the better product to purchase.


The limited number of units will most likely be done in order to prevent the sales of Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 from suffering. After all, you do not get a $125 price smartphone with such impressive hardware specifications and not expect it to sell well in the market.

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