Next Meizu flagship images leaked and it looks surprisingly familiar

It looks like the next flagship smartphone from Meizu could be announced very soon because the leaked images of the handset show that the device looks very familiar to a high-end mobile phone. That mobile phone happens to be Apple’s iPhone 6s. According to leaked images coming from China, the front side of Meizu ME5, which is the expected name of the company’s next flagship device, looks strikingly similar to Apple’s upcoming smartphone, which is going to be announced later today.

Despite the fact that the rear side of Meizu ME5 might not resemble an iPhone due to the fact that it features a camera lens that is present in the center rather than in the corner, it will take a real smartphone expert to differentiate between Meizu ME5 and iPhone 6s, as long as they have been turned on their front sides. As for the hardware specifications, the previously leaked benchmarking scores reveal that Meizu ME5 is going to be running Samsung’s 14nm FinFET Exynos 7420 SoC, which is going to be running the same octa-core processor configuration as it did in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note lineup of devices.


While the benchmarking score also reveals that 3GB of RAM is present, there is a possibility that a 4GB RAM model will also be introduced, even though it will be far more expensive. Like all Chinese smartphone makers, Meizu ME5 is expected to feature an impressive rear camera sensor, and a large battery pack.


The resolution of the smartphone has been reported to be 1080p, which is a good decision on Meizu’s part if it ends up being true since it will reduce stress on the processor as well as the overall battery life. For now, we will treat these leaked images with a grain of salt and wait for more details to come through.


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