Latest Samsung chipset leak details uncovers new name and specs

As well all know, the current flagship chipset from Samsung is called Exynos 7420 and has been manufactured on the 14nm FinFET process. However, the name of the powerful SoC was not always what the company decided to call it, as you will find out in the latest leak coming all the way from China.

According to the details that we have just uncovered, Exynos 7420 was originally called Exynos 7650, and Samsung most likely plans to succeed its powerful mobile chipset with a chipset that is going to feature the name Exynos 7890. However, the leak details also reveal that the actual name of Exynos 7890 is going to be Exynos 8890, and is going to be processed one the same 14nm FinFET process as the company’s Exynos 7420.

With these details finally known, we expect that Galaxy S7, which is the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, is going to be available in two chipset models. One is going to be running Snapdragon 820, while the other one is most likely going to be running Exynos 8890. Snapdragon 820 is processed on Samsung’s own architecture, which is probably the only reason why the company seems so comfortable in testing it out on its upcoming smartphone.


We are going to have to see which chipset will be the faster one since there have been unconfirmed benchmarking leaks revolving around the performance of both SoCs. Regardless, we expect that Galaxy S7 is going to be a cut above the rest in terms of performance, efficiency and aesthetics (even though we still believe that it is going to share the same design as the company’s Galaxy S6 family).

When more information regarding the two chipsets are available, we will update the public accordingly.

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