Hasee is working on a Huawei Mate 7 clone, see all the images here

Who would have thought the day would come when Chinese OEMs would start copying their own Chinese rivals and start releasing smartphones. Case in point would be Hasee, a Chinese tech firm that specializes in releasing cost-effective laptops but did not engage too much in releasing smartphones. However, that all might change thanks to the latest handset that the company is intending on releasing in the market, and cosmetically speaking, it looks exactly like a Huawei Mate 7.


Images from TENAA show that the upcoming smartphone from Hasee is going to be near identical in design to Huawei Mate 7. The phone in the TENAA documents state that it will sport a sealed alloy body that will feature a fingerprint scanner, indicating that such features will only belong on a flagship smartphone. Additional details reveal that the smartphone is going to feature a phablet sized form factor with a screen size of 6 inches.


There is also a possibility that the device will be rendering a 2K display, along with MediaTek’s MT6795 chipset running inside it. The chipset is more commonly known as Helio X10 and will be running 8 Cortex-A53 cores. At this current point, the source did not mention the clock speed of the cores because different smartphones are running them at different frequencies.


However, seeing that it is a flagship smartphone, the clock speed could be running at 2.2GHz. Supplementing the performance of the octa-core processor will most likely be 3GB of RAM, along with a very large battery capacity. There is also going to be an LTE modem present underneath the hood of the smartphone so overall, we can expect the device to be extremely capable. The only question now remains is that what is going to be the starting price and what storage options will be available to consumers.


Looks like we will find out later in the year.


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