Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wireless charger tear down

Not too long ago, Samsung made an appearance at their Unpacked event, revealing 2 of the most anticipated phones of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, and of course the Galaxy Note 5. We have images of a tear down for a wireless charger, but not just any wireless charger. This is the official wireless charger compatible with the Note 5, and also features fast charging, which is an industry first.



As you can see above, the entire gallery (including additional images below) show off the wireless charging pad itself, as well as the technology behind it all. This tear down gives us an idea of what is inside, showing off the circuit board, wiring and casing for this charging pad. Even the retail packaging or the device can be seen.


Samsung wireless pad 13


This wireless charging pad was developed by Samsung, bearing the model number EP-PN920, and it follows the Qi wireless charging standard. The wireless charging pad has an output of 5V 2A or 9V and 1.67A. The maximum amount of power this wireless pad can support is 15.03 Watts. With the introduction of wireless charging, charging devices was made simpler, but the drawback was that it did take a while before the device was fully charged. The rate at which these devices were charging was fairly slow, but with the inclusion of a fast charging implementation, on top of wireless charging will make wireless charging very convenient.

The fast charging technology found inside the charger is Samsung’s own patented Fast charging technology, unlike Qualcomm’s Quick charge 2.0 method, although the charger is still compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 adapters.

Not only that, but Samsung’s innovation was taken a step further, by  adding a cooling solution to dissipate some of the heat gathered during the charging process. The fan inside the wireless charging pad is a low profile blower style fan, similar to the ones you would find in laptops or ultrabooks (with thin form factors.)


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