Helio X20 benchmarking leak shown it is much faster than Exynos 7420

Despite the fact that Helio X20 is yet to be seen in smartphones, we have caught a glimpse of how the chipset is going to perform when it is present in mobile devices later this year. The latest benchmarking leak of Helio X20 shows that not only is the ‘system on a chip’ able to perform extremely well, but it is also able to beat both Exynos 7420 and Snapdragon 810.

Coming to the benchmarking scores of MediaTek’s deca-core chipset, Helio X20 is able to score in excess of 70,000 points, while Galaxy Note 5, a smartphone that is running an Exynos 7420 has yet to surpass the 70,000 point mark. However, while we applaud the performance of Helio X20, there is one detail that we would like to share with you regarding the performance of the chipset.

According to the specifications of the smartphone, the device was giving out a resolution of 1080p, which is possibly the primary reason why the device was able to achieve such a high score in AnTuTu. Currently, all devices that are running Samsung’s Exynos 7420 (primarily the high-end flagships from Samsung itself) feature a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which means that had the resolution of the smartphone running Helio X20 been higher than 1080p, we might have seen a different score altogether.

Regardless, Helio X20 is already running a 10-core processor, where two of the cores belong to Cortex-A72. These cores are easily able to surpass Cortex-A57 (the cores that are present in Exynos 7420) in both performance and efficiency, which makes it a very simple decision for phone manufacturers as to which chipset they should place in their future devices.

However, keeping in mind that scores being obtained on AnTuTu can be manipulated, we will be waiting for more Helio X20 benchmarking leaks to appear in order to be convinced about these scores.

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