Xiaomi has plans to release xiaomi laptop in 2016

When you hear the name Xiaomi, you probably think of Smartphones, or affordable Smartphones. Companies that only make smartphones are even starting to expand to other areas of products, with Samsung making literally everything, from Storage chips, to Micro-processors, to camera sensors. Xiaomi has even expanded to manufacturing consumer internet routers, TVs, and air conditioners.

New leaked information suggests that Xiaomi has plans to expand to making consumer grade computers, or laptops.

This information is coming from Supply Chain sources, which claims the Xiaomi laptop is still in preparation for release, and currently in development by Hon Hai industry. The Notebook is expected to be launched some time in 2016, while the exact date is unconfirmed. The success of the Xiaomi Notebook cannot be predicted, but seeing if the Notebook will be exclusively launched in China first, then there will undoubtedly be success. The rendered image (or we aren’t sure if that’s the actual image of the Notebook) seems to heavily resemble the Macbook Air, with the Macbook logo replaced by the Xiaomi logo.

It also seems the power button located at the top right corner is replaced by a bright orange accent. Looking at how Xiaomi chose to price their smartphones towards more budget alternatives, this notebook might see very competitive prices in it’s home town. In terms of competition, it seems like Lenovo is the biggest threat to Xiaomi if they really decide to expand towards laptop manufacturing.

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