Samsung G9198 flip phone official images have been leaked. See all of them here

After Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, the next smartphone that will be released from Samsung will be Samsung G9198, which happens to be the company’s flip phone. The tech giant has incorporated retro style elements in its upcoming smartphone, but there are several features stuffed in to that make it look like a gem of a gadget.

First off, Samsung G9198 features two 3.9 inch screens present on the front and rear side of the mobile device. Users can begin using the front side of the flip phone like a regular smartphone, or they can choose to open the flap of the device and start using the physical keys. We have also come across the official images of Samsung G9198 which we want you to take a look at because the device looks like an absolute beauty.

The flip phone is also incorporated with features that should have been present on both of Samsung’s 5.7 inch flagship smartphones. Starting off, Samsung G9198 has a removable 2,020mAh battery, along with 16GB of storage that can be increased to 128GB through a microSD card slot. A Snapdragon 808 is present inside the smartphone, although a more suitable chipset would have been Exynos 7420. Samsung did not care to incorporate a Snapdragon 810 due to its overheating issues so the next best solution would obviously have to be Snapdragon 808.

The resolution of the smartphone measures in at 1280 by 768 pixels, and for added flexibility, there are two SIM card slots, where users can accommodate two numbers. A 4G modem is also present inside the device in order for you to enjoy increased mobile carrier network speeds. As for the camera solution, Samsung G9198 possess a 16MP rear camera sensor, along with a 5MP front shooter.

We have yet to see how the resultant images taken from this device’s camera will turn out but we will keep you undated with the latest info. The only disappointing about the flip phone is that it will be targeted to the Chinese markets. If Samsung does manage to ship it across different regions, then we can agree that the smartphone will be met with a positive response.


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