iPhone 6S Processor Specs Revealed

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will use the new generation A9 processor, Cortex-A9 architecture this is not a few years ago, but Apple’s self-designed 64-bit ARM architecture, code-named A9 only.

Because Apple has been very little published information about the processor, so even though iPhone 6S configuration and appearance of what nothing secret, but on A9 processor we can not have more specifications, just know that it will by the TSMC 16nm and Samsung’s 14nm process co-foundry.


Now, insiders @ mobile phone chip Daren gives some information about the A9 processors, he said that 16 / 14nm process A9 processor core area of approximately 85mm², but as a comparison, using 28nm process A7 processor core area 102mm², while the 20nm process A8 is 88.9mm².

This means that the number of transistors A9 processor Apple may have a larger growth in the number, magnitude there may be about 40%, or even higher, performance naturally more tough.

Currently a larger question is that this should be the first time Apple simultaneously using two different processes foundry with a processor (previously 45nm 32nm A5 processor also has two versions, but the 32nm version only appeared late, first Batch are Edition 45nm), in the same core area case, because the manufacturing process is not the same, so Samsung and TSMC out A9 processors are not the same number of transistors possible, the performance / power must also not the same ???

A more reasonable explanation is that, 16 nm version may be used iPhone 6S, while 14nm version is for iPhone 6S Plus (perhaps vice versa) , or else may be confusing, and after buying the first thing children of iPhone 6S probably think of ways to view the processor in the end is which OEM of.

Another possibility is that regardless of 14 / 16nm foundry process, Apple are using the same number of transistors, but this way both the core area must be different, even though both performance by tuning to make consistent, but power consumption and consistent with the desired frequency is more difficult, and ultimately score open to use.


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