Feiyu FY WG Wearable Gimbal Review

For different sports, the GoPro camera stabilizer includes a extended range of products, and the way to square enter the fierce competition within the market, so product additional distinctive and competitive, that became the main focus of attention of the many makers.The analysis of the Feiyu WG on wearable stabilizer has its own distinct characteristics, is that the handle of the initial battery , the circuit portion integrated within the finish seat, changing into associate integrated style of wearable stabilizer.


Feiyu WG wearable stabilizer look and details
Within the past we’ve seen motion camera stabilizers, primarily hand-held hand-held stabilizers, however the advantages of carrying the stabilizer is, are often mounted on helmets, backpacks and different things, or on bound components of the body. This hands unengaged to do different things, or in extreme sports concentrate on the movement itself, there ar extended advantages.

Some individuals might raise the movement of the camera itself are often fastened in several places, ah, why use wearable stabilizer? As a result of over a three-axis stability augmentation platform, lots of movement within the noise are often resolved within the shooting screen outside, shooting out of the image quality are higher. Feiyu WG itself could be a three-axis stability augmentation stabilizer, with pan, tilt, roll stability augmentation impact 3 axes. this sort of stabilizer is born out from aerial drones head, and A battery, circuit, and for ground-use options, the camera has become a movement of the stabilizer. As this analysis Feiyu WG wearable stabilizer (hereinafter observed as Feiyu WG) however effective, let’s take an in depth look.
There is some extent, don’t apprehend if you’ve got not noticed: the start of the primary boot speed, and later replaced the second boot speed considerably totally different direction when the camera is put in, the second minor quicker (almost instant completed), this is often why?

When consultation Feiyu monarch, the conclusion is: once the second boot, the installation position of the camera is that the original default location, that the power is instantaneous; the camera mounting position and therefore the default position is reversed once the primary boot , stability needs associate automatic adaptation method, that the boot speed slower than the default.

Feiyu WG packaging is sort of distinctive, i made a decision to start out this half began to talk. Feiyu WG packaging bag employing a moveable type, so as to permit users to directly carry the package into a daily tool. Pouch could be a semi-rigid outer surface imitation carbon fiber texture superb, zipper style conjointly uses anti-raindrop, stabilizers ought to be quite safe in there.

Open Feiyu WG carrying pouch, within slotted sponge fixture, zipper bag. Slotted sponge half to accommodate the stabilizer body, a GoPro, stabilizer and GoPro battery; mesh bag is a component of a spread of accessories Feiyu WG.
I’m a awfully lazy person, in fact, when GoPro mounted on the stabilizer, beneath traditional circumstances I don’t need to win. however Feiyu WG can’t try this moveable package put in to stabilize body GoPro smart storage functions (to be put in before every use, then run dead set be dismantled, terribly difficult ah), I feel a trifle pity. however Feiyu official microblogging is associate activity, referred to as “I facilitate Feiyu engaged within the design” (can Soso microblogging this topic), referred to as friends of the inside portion of the moveable package style they need out, I detected the foremost that may be affordable for the long run revision of the look. I say Feiyu monarch, can’t place my views conjointly adopt this? however i’ll not draw American state ……

First statement, I got Feiyu WG not match the ultimate retail version of the annex, that the attachment on the map as long as you reference simply fine.

Feiyu WG is exclusive, is originally hidden within the handle portion of the battery, circuit, board integrated into the bottom level round the motor. Such stabilizer from the rod becomes blockish, easier to stabilize integrally fastened in several places. i feel this integration, no different cumbersome style, additional in line with “wearable device” habits, that ought to be the trend wearable stabilizer future development.
can also be seen facet of the bottom with a small USB interface, that is employed for microcode upgrades, and connect wired management, remote, device (PTZ control up and down movement), in addition as associate interface for Jewish calendar month video output. within which this feature is helpful to attach the wired device, however this point I failed to get the wired remote, we have a tendency to don’t expertise.
it’s value mentioning that nearly all Feiyu WG entire body is metal alloy, the lowest of the bottom could be a single piece of metal, that the steadiness of the total there’s a transparent sweetening.


Since the battery ought to be conjointly engineered on the bottom of that, by no means created an enormous battery. Feiyu WG 16340 uses 2 metallic element batteries , the battery compartment cowl (also metal) position within the whole base wherever most don’t force, to make sure the steadiness of assorted fastened conditions. Feiyu official knowledge indicate that 2 16340 metallic element battery will support 3-4 hours of use.
However, it ought to be noted that the employment of a cylindrical metallic element batteries and is standardised manner, though straightforward to switch the battery, however the battery compartment interior area utilization failed to dominant, {we can|we will|we ar able to} see the battery compartment truth there are lots of area. If you later need to scale back the scale of the bottom, can’t modification the constitutional metallic element battery, with a sq. or formed metallic element battery is additional affordable approach, of course, the premise is to make sure that the constitutional battery has enough battery life (such as six hours).


Feiyu rather kind, comes normal with 2 (of four) 16340 metallic element battery. Charger with USB power offer, are often charged employing a charging treasure. once mistreatment the 2A current power, choked with 2 16340 metallic element battery takes concerning ninety minutes.

Bottom of the bottom and every is provided with a rear 1/4 rack screw holes on each side however conjointly with GoPro attachment fixing screw holes. the lowest of the rack screw hole, are often used with most of the sucker to use, terribly convenient.

Of course, can even be enclosed screws, the GoPro Accessories ears mix fastened on the bottom, so we will annex the common majority GoPro fastened, as an example, just like the figure on the correct, as fastened within the helmet.

Feiyu WG support the movement of the camera concerning the installation, notwithstanding motion of the camera interface on the left or right, will have an appropriate mounting location.

In addition, Feiyu WG conjointly supports pre-installed, installation flip, flip it with aerial drones that the pinnacle is incredibly like the installation.

analysis method, I suddenly thought of a $ ten straightforward to handle mounted on the bottom (handle with 1/4 screws), Huh? this is often to not become a hand-held stabilizer yet? it’s conjointly sensible to use with hand-held stabilizer nearly.
thus i assumed, Feiyu WG emergence, he hit solely different “wearable” stabilizer face, and even its own G4 hand-held stabilizer face conjointly contend loud pops ah. Bought a worn stabilizer, putting in a ten yuan handle becomes hand-held, was nearly worn-out, and purchase hand-held stabilizer reason? Here, we will perceive the which means of the title of this text, right?


a skinny sponge connected below, hidden camera stabilizer for motion power interface, via the provided electric cord to power the camera movement. This feature I even have perpetually felt superb, fully don’t ought to care concerning the motion of the camera as a result of electricity. And each side of the screw, is to switch the mounting frame screws. (Feiyu Jun aforementioned that the WG are given when the ship route, we discover him to induce it)

Two sizes Mounting frame Feiyu WG incidental, will solely hold alittle GoPro, the massive one, you’ll be able to install different equally formed motion camera tiny ants, mountain dogs. The figure below 2 screws of various lengths, it’s for GoPro whether or not to put in a back screen or battery clip of the word. however I don’t assume individuals can use tape on the rear panel of the GoPro wearable stabilizer bars ar connected with wireless local area network phone finder ah.
i will build a suggestion, if Feiyu plan a mounting frame permits Feiyu WG compatibleSony camera movement AS series, then it’d be nice (of course this problem huge, after all, Sony and GoPro form and center of gravity utterly different).

Due to lookout of the complete volume and weight of the stabilizer, cross roller Feiyu WG failed to do an oversized angle of rotation, thus every flip forty five ° can encounter level motor. though i do know larger isn’t essentially higher, however a minimum of you would like to try and do a lap round the level of sentimental materials within the motor, so the camera doesn’t tilt motor and motion rammed head-level motor issue.
Next, we have a tendency to take a glance at the sensible effects of Feiyu WG.

Feiyu WG wearable stabilizer effect Found

Above them, the left screen is Feiyu WG with GoPro4, the correct is hard-wired GoPro3, hard-wired GoPro liable for shooting Feiyu WG operational condition, and whether or not there’s augmentation of shooting AB comparison (my head thus serious?
vital to notice that the particular take a look at the total method, Feiyu WG ar fastened on the helmet (never even utilized in the hand), however testers around, tired accordance with the habits of standard individuals, and not the employment of stable once running swish footwork, as so much as potential to simulate the eventualities we have a tendency to use.

As are often seen from the operation state of the video, as a result of the person’s head born with a precise stability (but not decapitated as metamorphosis), that the vary of motion Feiyu WG work won’t be nice, particularly the rotation angle isn’t massive cross roller, which might be assured. and therefore the horizontal axis, the pitch axis rotation angle is massive enough to fulfill a fulminant turned, looked down then on.
In distinction to the higher than AB, the employment GoPro3 shooting left and right to use GoPro4 shoot, thus please ignore the variations in screen colours. the particular augmentation impact is apparent, hard-wired screen stared for a number of seconds, there’ll be the sensation of giddiness, and augmentation clearly way more stable image.
Walking, running the take a look at once more while not the employment of swish footwork, i feel if to pay, feeling floating up and down the total image can disappear, stabilising impact are additional ideal.

Feiyu WG wearable stabilizer evaluation summary

Feiyu WG wearable stabilizer summarize the advantages and disadvantages
Advantage Shortcoming
1, one-piece design, easy fixed
2, the standard semi-rigid carrying case, increase the added value
3, one-touch control and innovative, easy to use three models
4, a variety of installation, to match a variety of sports camera
5, mounted on the handle becomes simple handheld stabilizer
6, stable results are satisfactory
1, the interior layout is not convenient carrying pouch
2, between head-tilt motor, the motor with the horizontal motion of the camera, the lack of soft materials cushion

I don’t need to use the “Judging” to explain Feiyu WG, since it’s too perfunctory individuals. I think, within the finish Feiyu WG smart, I don’t have a lot of to mention. you’ve got the patience, you’ll be able to explore a stable market within the future development of the merchandise, if different brands ar acquiring this kind Feiyu WG go, to prove what I aforementioned these days, then that creates sense, we’ll see.


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